Pinkie Pie [MLP]

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So here's a pony character for you guys, in case you felt the need to play as one.

Sprite bases were pretty much done by CoatRack, I just edited some of them for gameplay, so really most of the credit goes to him.

Screenshots and the wad should be in attachments, at least I hope they are.

It's a rough release as it is, I'll improve on it as it goes and please don't be shy to report anything that bugs you, or is a bug in the game.

updated :

-upped contrast
-fixed some sprites
-new signpost sprite

I'll add some missing frames (zoom tube, tailscarry) and then that'll be it i guess I mean not much else to add to a char wad


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Shadow Hog

Well, I can't see anything seriously wrong with this, so welcome to releases.

There are some things that need working, though. Pinkie's outline is way too close to the main color of her sprite, making the animation of her legs while walking difficult to discern (particularly from behind). Also, her 1-Up box sprite has opaque corners at the top of the item box, which should probably be fixed up.

Also, it kind of bugs me how the sprite on the panel is nigh identical to the player sprite; generally I thought it was divided up a bit more... Maybe use a particular pose from the show there, instead? Like her "party" pose for Luna in the second half of the opening two parter. Hell, add confetti to it, not like you have to strictly stay within the panel's borders (just within 255 pixels tall - until 2.1's DeePsea tall patch support anyway). This one's not a serious flaw, just something that bugs me, personally.


The old Donut guy
I think I just got the Flu.
Nevertheless, good work on the wad, I'm glad to see people still put effort into their creations.
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