Persona 5 styled HUD (P5HUD.wad)

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A wad contatining a bunch of graphics and a small Lua script to bypass some limitations that makes most of your game look like Persona 5, you probably never saw it coming! (No it's NOT Sonic Forces you doofus)

-Base singleplayer HUD (SCORE/TIME/RINGS)
-Singleplayer lives counter with custom icons for a select few characters, as in, the vanilla trio, FSonic, TailsCD, Shadow, Metal Sonic and Silver)
-Level title cards (default console/drawstring font isn't changed because it's too small to have it look cool)
-Level clears
-First Person HUD
-Match weapon select
-CTF/Tag graphics (including some sprites for "IT" and "GOT FLAG")
-Race (may be inconsistent depending on resolution because that HUD is weirdly placed to begin with)
-NiGHTS HUD (A part of it had to be remade from Lua, hence is slightly different placement-wise)
-Silver's HUD (may also be inconsistent with lower resolutions / OpenGL)

-Because V_NOSCALESTART is broken and that 99% of the vanilla HUDs use it, some HUD items may appear shifted if the resolution is too low or if you are using OpenGL, most HUDs have been made to support resolutions past 1280x800 in software, but only very specific HUD items are concerned and this will probably not affect your experience.
-Splitscreen unsupported.
-If you plan on using Silver with this WAD, it's important to add P5HUD last
for the graphics to get overwritten.

Screenshots down below in attachements along with the download :)


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Wow, this is really cool, everything about it looks great, especially the life icons, but my favorite part about it is definitely the hub in special stages. It looks very clean and neat (also the arrow coming from the sphere is cool). And also yeah, to me this crept up out of nowhere, but I hope that this will not be your last suprise, because it's really awesome. Thanks for making this Lat'! :D


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I'm not trying to get banned, but may we have at least a demo / unfinished version to test out? We'd all appreciate it!


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That's getting off topic given that this thread isn't about the mod, so I'll stop it there; it'll be able to be tested out when I consider that there's enough content and quality in it.
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