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Peppino from Pizza tower is making his way into SRB2 2.2!!!

I dunno if you are actually going through with spriting him by hand from all angles, but there is a really good model of him in the works that's set to be released sometime soon. I think you could possibly utilize it as pre-rendered sprites, especially since it has plenty of the game's animations recreated in a 3D perspective. Only thing you'd need to make sure about is crediting the original artist.
oh im sorry but i cannot access twitter because twitter has blocked russia from even accessing it not even a vpn get thru
it might be a bit late for this but, i found an idea for special stage/nights sprites
im not trying to be mean here but the sprites kinda suck. if anything you could take inspiration from peppino in srb2 kart and try to make him look better.

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