Pegged Sectors block players unless player jumps

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OK, I'm making a map that has the woodrail sprite pegged down and I want it to block the player from falling without jumping but when I run to it, I go right through it. I need help please.

glaber said:
Can you pm me the wad so I can take a look at it? Possibly help better?

Dear Beta Teasters said:
Note: This is a MOD in progress. The map is A0 and the wad's data shall not be spoiled by anymous users.

Here is your new link:
.....Yes I do and I also know how to make invisible sectors and I know what you are trying to tell me,.......make a little sector sorounding the big sector and then fof it with an invisible fof, or at least what I think you were going to say...... but anyway that did not work......


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Actually what you do is you make a small sector Outlining the fence. Then make a Fof the size of the texture. After resizing it you can turn the FOF invisible or you can save that for last. What i want you to do next is to resize the sector to have the vertexes at least 5 pixels/fractunits away from the Fence's. After that you can do the same thing for the other side of the fence if you'd like but it's compleatly optional


Are using DoomBuilder ? In that case you are able to uncheck a little box in the toolbar that says "snap to grid" if you are touching it with the cursor.

Then you'll be able to create lines with a length smaller 32. Even 1 would be possible...


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Ok, what program are you useing?

Also if you think that's hard I wound up doing this for the first level of the Halloween teck demo and I had to do more than five. It wasn't hard, but it was tedious.


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Morph said:
I am pretty sure you can make lines that short.
You're right. Combination Zone had lines that had the lenght 1.

Ok...I'll try to help you...A question...Did you set the FOF heights?I cannot see because of the password.
Password protection made it impossible for ANY of us to actually see the file. Giving us the password will NOT make us able to hack into your computer or anything.
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