Official Level Design Contest Voting: May/June 2009

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As a reminder to everyone: this is the last level design contest before SRB2 ME. There will not be a July/August 2009 contest, so please do not attempt to submit entries during the next two months.


Welcome to the May/June 2009 contest voting. We have 7 Multiplayer maps and 9 Single Player maps this time.

The voting works as follows: Play a few games of the stage in question, in the intended gametype for judging, and give the map a vote from 0 to 10, no decimals. You can not vote on your own map. Votes where the voter obviously did not play the level in its intended gametype, or where the voter did not play the multiplayer maps with other real players will be discarded. To encourage voting, if you are an author and you judge all of the competitor's maps, the lowest score on your map will be dropped. Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else.

Although it's not necessary, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve his skill for future attempts.

Judging will end July 10th at midnight GMT (July 9th, 7:00 PM EST). The scores will be then averaged, and the person with the highest score is the winner.

Winners will have their usertitle changed to "Contest Winner", and will be given a golden username. This will last up and until the next contest winners are decided.

The maps follow:

Single Player Level Pack

Single Player:
Green Canyon Zone by SonicMaster
Aquatic Labyrinth Zone, Act 2 by Kuja
Hidden Sanctuary Zone, Act 2 by Ice
Glaber Base 5 by Glaber
Cosmic Galaxy by verifiaman
Flooded Forest Zone by Cheese
Factory Farce Zone, Act 1 by MattW_CFI
Mill Citadel Zone, Act 2 by Ezer'Arch
Greenery Pass Zone, Act 2 by Knockout The Echidna

Multiplayer Level Pack

MAPA1 - Diamondus Battle by Glaber
MAPA2 - Aerial Match Zone 2 by Cheese

MAPA3 - Geometric Void Zone by SonicMaster
MAPA4 - Diamondus CTF2 by Glaber
MAPA5 - Illuminated City Zone by Cheese

MAPA6 - Submerged Cavern Zone by Cheese
MAPA7 - Star Reactor by Kuja

Please make sure to play the levels in the intended gametype, and above all, have fun judging!


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Ezer's gotta be here with the fireworks. We can't have this unless we've got the fireworks.
I sure hope we'll get to wrap up this last 1.09.4 contest with a bang!



I beat Ezer. I hope I have fun with these wads! Everyone vote... good?


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Since yesterday I'm having troubles with my connection. -.-'







Fierwerkz iz fun.... Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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Such a showoff you are, ZG00. =P

I'll get the SP maps done first, listed in the order I played them.

Factory Farce 1 by MattW_CFI
Yeah, technically, I did kinda play my own map first, what with testing it and all. =P

Basically, what spawned this design was boredom with SOCs leading to odd ideas, which led to one very interesting gimmick... which led to the revelation of "Hey, let's submit this thing to the contest for kicks!" So that's what I did.

If you think the level's short, just TRY secret hunting. Or going for a Perfect Bonus, even. There's 593 rings in the level, every last one of them collectible by Sonic.

As for why I didn't (ab)use the gimmick to its fullest? I ran short on time. That's all =P

One tiny thing to note: This level has exactly 6666 Sidedefs. Totally unintentional -- it just happened to work out that way.

Cosmic Galaxy 1 by verifiaman
First impression: Holy shit, awesome. ...unfortunately, that faded away pretty quickly. The laser traps, for one, are unfairly difficult, in my hearty opinion; they look cool, though. =P

Also, I swear, you have just won the award for the biggest unintentional shortcut I've ever found in any SRB2 map.
[/spoiler:0d68c0616d]...Actually, there's more shortcuts all over the map, due to the design. I probably would have given a 5 or 6 had that not been the case.

One last thing: That music is awesome.

--Okay, I just don't have the time to go rate everyone's levels, what with work and ME and other people and all. I'm not going to bother. >_> --


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You noticed the shortcuts!! by the way, where did you get the music for your factory farce level?


Guess I'm up to vote all of em first.

Alright, first up:
Green Canyon Zone by SonicMaster
This level was nice. It felt bland a little. Wasn't any spite scenery, or much robots to bring challenge. It was a easy pass with Sonic. The visuals were a little nice with the sector-base trees. There wasn't much gimmiks lying around. The level needed a little more challenges and some more gimmiks.

Aquatic Labrinth Act 2 by Kuja
I was amazed by this level! Challenges, gimmiks, and gameplay. The only snag about this level was that it was a bit too challenging. I died in the water about 5 times because of lack of bubbles. Or I probably didn't see it. I might take this level for a spin again. Such a lengthy level. Other than me dieing alot, this level was nice.

Hidden Sanctuary Act 2 by Ice
I really don't know what to say about this level. The visuals were nice. Another great thing about this level was that it had me playing again and again. Somewhat few Multiple paths, but I kept playing it. Nothing challenging though. That Wave Pool thing, was weird, but I liked it. I might use that for one of my levels.

Glaber Base 5 by Glaber
Did I really had to download Sally? I dominated it with Sonic and the other characters. :| Level felt bland at first. I didn't find anything challenging about this level. Except that eggman that comes outta nowhere. Also about that. It was weird that you had to kill those two turrents in the corner to open the door. This level had a few gimmiks, here and there. This level was pretty much average.

Cosmic Galaxy by Verifiaman
Did you really had to Force character? Ugh, I see why. Because the goal is right near the startplayer and you could easily fly to the goal. Anyway, This level had nothing much interesting. That one zero gravity path was annoying and I got game over because of those annoying laser walls and you falling into the pit. The gimmik wasn't extracted well. Other thing was those other annoying walls and you have no other way, but just to run into it and have a short invincible time just to get through. Other than that the level was okay.

Flooded Forest by Cheese
This was pretty much an average level. The level lagged because of those leaf fofs. This level was creative though. It just lagged alot. The boss at the end was meh...I dunno. Okay. It was hard attacking the boss because of those leaf Fofs in the way.

Factor Farce by Matt_CFI
this level was pretty cool. Had great textures. I almost foamed out the mouth though. :P This level kinda had me going too. Great use of Fofs, challenges, etc. I really don't know anything else to about this level, but it was fun.

Mill Citadel by Ezer 'Arch
This was kinda the same as the last one. the ending was similar, some other few gimmiks, and that one courtyard area. There was one flaw I found though. That one area with the churning churner(I think that's what it's called) with moniters on top of it. Couldn't get out. I had no other choice but to die in the pit. I guess this level was alright.

Greenery Pass Act 2 by KO.T.E
Aw, such a cute little tune to go with the level. I loved this level. Nice scenery, textures, (Good choice using ICE's Sky for the sky texture) etc. I wish there was more to the level. It didn't have gimmiks. Just some hills, and caves to run through. Other than that I really had fun with this level.


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Here are my ratings for Single Player:

Cyber Galaxy Zone
Rating: 5/10
Explanation: This level is fun to look at, and it's got some interesting gimmicks, but there were some problems with playability. First of all, it felt very linear. Second, why the heck was FORCESKIN turned on? Third, I didn't feel all that rewarded at the end; it just wasn't that climactic. Fact is, besides the cool textures and mildly interesting gameplay elements, this level is pretty blank and short. In future, build on the way you made this level--it had potential, but it could have been a whole lot better.

Flooded Forest Zone
Rating: 7/10
Explanation: Well, well, well...certainly far from the worst 2D mode level I've seen. The graphics were nice, and the boss battle at the end was an unexpected and wonderful finish. My only real problem was your appalling enemy placement. A word to the wise: be EXTREMELY careful about putting Jetty-Syns in 2D mode. Otherwise, quite good.

Glaber Base Zone, Act 5
Rating: 4/10
Explanation: It's a shame, really...the couple of ingenious things about this level were completely ruined by how terrible the rest of it was. Let's run through the problems, shall we?

1. Many parts of it were horribly cramped.
2. The part with the crushers was just insane. Did you even try it yourself? In the end, I just used Devmode to become Sonic, and thokked through it, and even that took a couple of tries to do without killing myself.
3. What the HELL was that thing with the camera? It completely destroyed my ability to walk! I had to spindash my way out of it.
4. Using retro-style enemies made no sense at all.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone, Act 2
Rating: 9/10
Explanation: Now THAT was a fun level. Unlike most levels these days, ALZ2 was truly designed to work with SRB2's physics system. It was very pretty, and it was full of open spaces to gather speed, but not so as to make the level look plain. I'm eager for some SRB2ME stuff from you, Kuja!

Factory Farce Zone, Act 1
Rating: 8/10
Explanation: Hey, that was cool! Those bouncy sectors were awesome, and I liked the multilevel feel to the stage. Can't way to see FFZ2!

Greenery Pass Zone, Act 2
Knockout The Echidna
Rating: 7/10
Explanation: I'd say that easily lived up to the expectations set by GPZ1. An interesting twist to what would at first appear to be a simple grassy field level. Good work!

Green Canyon Zone
Rating: 7/10
Explanation: At first glance, the level seems kind of plain, but as it progresses, it reveals itself to have some interesting elements to it, particularly the shifting rocks. Contains the solid, well-built feel I have come to expect from SonicMaster's wads.

Hidden Sanctuary Zone, Act 2
Rating: 7/10
Explanation: Though a fabulous level in its own right, I personally feel that HSZ1 was a bit better. The new one just seems to go against some of the aspects that were in the original. It doesn't feel quite so "hidden" of a sanctuary.

Mill Citadel Zone, Act 2
Rating: 10/10
Explanation: I almost never give a perfect score, you are. You earned it. Aside from the very occasional cheap obstacle, there was absolutely nothing disappointing about this level. It's easily better than MCZ1...something I wouldn't have believed possible without seeing this. DEFINITELY keep making WADs!


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Green Canyon Zone by SonicMaster 6/10
While there was nothing really wrong here, the level really lacked inspiration. It just seemed like you had some really cool gimmicks in your head, but you were missing a level to go along with them. So you slapped some generic, almost GFZ-ish level to go along with the gimmicks and called it a day. While the gameplay wasn't bad, the level flowed nicely and detail was sufficient, I really didn't feel like you put your all into this one.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone, Act 2 by Kuja 8/10
I've got some mixed emotions about this one. To start off, I've always detested underwater levels ever since the dawn of Sonic games. They've always seemed to go against what Sonic was really about; speed. In order to have played this level fairly, I had to swallow my bias against underwater stages. Here I go:
If I were to rate this solely for gameplay, I would definitely give it a 9 or a 10 out of 10. However, scenery has always been of heavy weight whenever I score things, and this level (in my opinion) was really lacking in that department. The water colormap looked just nasty in software mode, restricting my vision when it came to looking for stuff I needed (air bubbles), and the texturing at times could just be downright ugly (perhaps there just isn't a fitting texture set in existence, I dunno). Some of the custom textures themselves looked pretty bad too when I come to think of it. Meh, I'm usually very picky when it comes to these things, so don't take my negativity the wrong way. All in all, this was a great level. I can't remember the last time I've taken ten minutes to finish a level filled with so much new and refreshing gimmicks.

Hidden Sanctuary Zone, Act 2 by Ice Mine/10
I really put my all into this one. After half of it was destroyed when my computer crashed, I wasn't gonna bother finishing it. Instead, I created the rest of it differently than I did before, and this is what I ended up with. There's a few minor errors here and there (one that deals with the blockmap limitation), but nothing really major. All in all, I really put some effort into this one. Enjoy.
Funfact: I actually thought up of the circular wave pool when looking at BlueZero4's avatar.
EDIT: The level doesn't fit the name, I know. I could've easily made a Hidden Sanctuary 1 expansion and slapped the act 2 on it, but I wanted something different here. It's not far away enough from act 1 to call it it's own level though.

Glaber Base 5 by Glaber 6/10
While the map design wasn't really great, and the gameplay could be somewhat cramped at times, this map showed something not common in glaber's maps: Creativity. I really liked that outside part, and how it looked like pieces were falling out of the level, and the little Sally drawings on the ground were nice. Sure, the map design looked almost like a beginning level designer made it, but whatever, I still had lots of fun playing this.

Cosmic Galaxy by verifiaman 4/10
It's a bit better than the other maps that I played of yours, but it's still very flawed. The platforming was uncomfortable because ledges were either too far away, or too high up for a decent jump to be made. Also, the lazers were practically impossible to dodge, I had to use god mode to get past them. Other than those things though, the level was a pretty good improvement from your past ventures into level designing. It looked pretty nice to say the most.

Flooded Forest Zone by Cheese 4/10
I don't know why people keep trying to make 2D levels when SRB2's engine makes them so crappy. This map had a lot of things that they specifically tell you not to do when making 2D levels (blind jumps, random pits, etc), and beyond that, enemies were really annoying. Heck, the first thing I did when the level started up was spring into a jettysyn gunner. However, the scenery was nice, and I liked the leaf platforming on the trees. That's about it though. You should take a look at SonicMaster's past 2D levels, they should give you a hint at how to make the 2D perspective work in this game.

Factory Farce Zone, Act 1 by MattW_CFI 8/10
Heh, this map was very fun to play. The design was nice and strange, and the music fit perfectly. There could've been more in the visual department, but the level survived without it. Nice work.

Mill Citadel Zone, Act 2 by Ezer'Arch 9/10
This succeeded in everything act 1 left to be desired. There was plenty of space to maneuver in, gimmicks were new and fresh, and the scenery was great. I really liked how you managed to make things look like they were spinning, something impossible to really do in SRB2. However, like in the last act, I don't think that the music really fit. Tunes 90 did it for me. Also, the flour-slide with the spikeball dodging is pretty old. The level could've done without it.

Greenery Pass Zone, Act 2 by Knockout The Echidna 7/10
Nice bridge zone remix you had for the level, and I see you've used what looks like my sunset sky. It really fit. I liked the level overall, it was nice in terms of scenery and gameplay. It didn't introduce anything new or exiting however, but that's okay. Not every level has to be an gimmick fest. The rocks however, were annoying. Sometimes I would just randomly stop at full speed because I ran into one of those pushable rocks. Also, there was one part near the beginning where there was a waterfall inside what seemed like an empty room. I went there, and there seemed to be no way out. I don't know.

Anyway, this was a nice way to finish off 1.09.4 contests. While I've seen better contests before, this certainly wasn't the worst.


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I forgot to say:

Likely Mill Citadel Zone 1, MCZ2 has two hidden rooms with tokens.

The first one is a tad obvious to discover, but the second one you need to pay more attention (TIP: useless path for Sonic is not useless).



Cosmic Galaxy Zone: I did not enjoy this map while i did enjoy the music it was too linear and the laser traps were difficult to get through. Also the zero gravity section with the lasers was cheap i never got past them.
All in all I give this map a 4/10.

Flooded Forest Zone: I enjoyed this map for a 2d level. However i think this would of been quite as well as a 3d level. Also i find the giant leaves or what ever they are on the trees are hard for me to jump on. It really gets annoying when you fight Eggman. I think this map deserves a 6/10.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone: I enjoyed this map a lot. The alternate path in the beginning was really interesting. The map was difficult but it was fun. However the underwater path was WAY too dark. For me if you play the optional path it is a 8/10 however for the under water path I bring it down to a 6/10.

Factory Farce Zone: This might be my favorite map in the contest. The best part of the level was the bouncing floors from Sonic CD. Besides that I found myself really enjoying the level. However the level was too easy and short but you have a reason for that. Overall I give this map a 9/10
Bless my aunt for letting me install SRB2 on her computer, so I will be voting. =D

Green Canyon Zone, MÍO/10
I don't expect to win 1P at all. When I knew Kuja was entering as well as Ice, I knew I couldn't win with a level this unoriginal. But, I'm happy that it's being received as a fair level.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone Act 2, 6/10
Well, 1.5 GHz is certainly better than 933 MHz, yes, but under all circumstances I've been given at this point, i.e., no OpenGL or any faster computer I'd be allowed to use, this level is unplayable under normal circumstances. If I were at home rather than at my aunt's, I could play the level properly. Literally a 50% GAMEMISS from Player 1 Start to End Level Sign. Jumping and thokking was sometimes completely unresponsive, and at one point the GAMEMISS reached 70%. No joke.

So I used GOD throughout most of the level. It was still rather fun that way, and I can see that this level clearly would be much easier under no lag. Despite me hardly dying using GOD, I can see that a bit too many of these jumps are leading to instant death, and falling into the death pit, despite not dying, was still a bit frustrating.

I really liked the floating water currents used in the level, and a lot of the platforming was really solid. I'm gonna have to knock a few points off this for lag, yet give some points back for fairness. That still results in a net loss of points, but still, quite good.

It'd really be nice if enormous amounts of water wouldn't lag SRB2.

Mill Citadel Zone Act 2, 10/10
I've never given out a ten in a contest before, until now. This had more gimmicks and a better length than Act 1. Some places felt too large, but it was hardly worth noting. Good job, Ezer'Arch; there is virtually nothing wrong with this level.

Hidden Sanctuary Zone Act 2, 9/10
Well, if this doesn't rival the greatest grass level, Angel Island Zone (Sonic 3 version), what does? Could have had a few more gimmicks, and I got turned around at one spot, but it had great size. Certain times in the level were eh, other times were "whoa, this is really cool" (the waving water fountain). It appears as though you did it in the same way I did for Vibrant Vendetta Zone with the rocks, which I remember you complimenting for that. >=D

Glaber Base 5, 6/10
This is actually fairly good, reason being the Sally path. While I did have to go out of my way to download the WAD, it really made the level feel more interesting. It's a unique form of non-linearity. The Sally path gets an easy 7/10, just because it's a Sally path. If Sonic could reach that path, I'd probably give simply a 5/10 for that path. The first-person camera thing was lovely, too!

The Sonic path wasn't quite as fun and deserves a 4/10. It lacked the uniqueness of being a path specifically for a downloaded Character WAD.

Overall, the texturing was ridiculous in a lot of places, no offense. The sky-flat blocks, the usage of Dark City bricks, the use of Deep Sea Zone crushers in a rather metallic place... *shakes head* The clusters of asynchronous crushers could be kind of annoying at times, well, because it's a cluster of asynchronous crushers. I don't like them in Thunder Citadel, nor in Castlevania, nor in this zone.

Oh, and that giant laser in the room with the black walls. Reminds me of WED every single time I enter that room.

Flooded Forest Zone, 3/10
This...wasn't very fun at all. The level design really lacked substance; Jetty-Syns were very annoying; and jumping from leaf to leaf got really tedious. The boss fight was definitely something generally unseen in 2D levels, but it wasn't very fun, either. That boss really was designed for 3D levels, where you can actually strafe to dodge it. >_>

It certainly was very nice to look at, though.

Factory Farce Zone Act 1, 8/10
I was so disappointed with how short this level was, and how I could only find one path even after playing through the level twice, because this was really, really good. That's certainly a lot of boxes you have there, and the colorful floor was neat. I really liked how it actually made a sound when you hit it. I wanna see a much larger, non-linear Act 2 from you soon.

Greenery Pass Zone Act 2, 7/10
I enjoyed this much more than Act 1. Is that Zenkusa's version of the music to Bridge Zone? Either way, the music choice was highly effective in making this level feel different from other grass levels. Made it feel cute, actually. I enjoyed pushing the rocks into the water for no reason, just cause it's mildly entertaining and no SRB2 level has done it before.

Cosmic Galaxy Zone, 5/10
This is a very nice-looking level. The anti-gravity room was brilliant, but getting hit got you stuck on the ceiling moving very slowly without the ability to shift your horizontal position. Getting through all of those lasers in anti-gravity was a fairly well-executed challenge, otherwise.

The moving lasers. Well, the first one I managed to actually get through once without getting hit and without falling into a death pit simply by walking through. I don't know how I did that. Either way, there needs to be a much longer time for you to get through them. The other moving lasers, I simply jumped and thokked around them, though that was pretty hard, too, and a tad frustrating at one spot.

Overall, it was still kind of fun.


MAPA1 - Diamondus Battle by Glaber - 6/10
Sapphire Falls much? Was a bit bland/repetitive.

MAPA2 - Aerial Match Zone 2 by Cheese - 7/10
Nothing special, but still fun.

MAPA3 - Geometric Void Zone by SonicMaster - 8/10
This one was exhilarating. I like the multiple paths.

MAPA4 - Diamondus CTF2 by Glaber - 10/10
Sapphire Falls, but ten times better. Haven't had this much fun playing SRB2 in a long time.

MAPA5 - Illuminated City Zone by Cheese - 7/10
This one was a bit stalematey, but it was fun. Also, nobody ever used the Rail. I think it needs to be more accessible, so more people get it, but there needs to be some more Sniper cover, if this is done.

MAPA6 - Submerged Cavern Zone by Cheese - 5/10
Good Risk vs. Reward, but it wasn't all that fun.

MAPA7 - Star Reactor by Kuja - 8/10
Some parts near the end seemed too open. Also, too long for the standard 4 laps. Other than that, great.


There and back again~
Comments and scores are tentative. Expect more accurate reviews if I get the chance to play them more thoroughly. I did play the MP maps in a 4p netgame.


Green Canyon Zone - Subpar (5/10)

It was solid, and it had many interesting things going for it, but overall the OROCK textures simply were not enough to keep it from being stale while hearing that music in every singly expansive SP level has made it only that much worse. It still played well, but didn't offer anything special. At the very least, its platforming is better meshed into the level than your previous offerings.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone, Act 2 - Outstanding (10/10)

The platforming was genuine and the gimmicks were quite enjoyable. The level not only offered factory, water, and outdoor THZ themes, but it featured them quite generously. Furthermore you were able to take a bunch of textures that were not terribly interesting in themselves, and make them stand out in a fresh new way. The level ending was quite reminiscent of the large reactor rooms in Metal Flower, which has been one of my all-time favorite levels for SRB2 despite its confusing layout.

Hidden Sanctuary Zone, Act 2 - Above Average (8/10)

I enjoyed this level quite a bit. Of all of the green levels offered in this contest, it had the most impressive set pieces. These areas give not only the benefit of better platforming and more involved layout to the level, but also make things look much nicer.

Glaber Base 5 - Poor (4/10)

I've seen worse, but this was definitely infuriating in some parts, and illogical in others. Besides which, shoehorning Sally in felt like a useless feature for a contest map, though for a personal mod it would make more sense.

Cosmic Galaxy - Fun... Insane (4/10)

The level had quite impressive visuals and music, but most importantly it was a short and brutal gauntlet run. It may be poorly designed in and of itself, but I enjoyed it.

Flooded Forest - Broken (3/10)

This level could have had a lot of potential, but sadly I spent most of the level crawling across spikes because I couldn't see past them. It was all I could manage just to finish the level.

Factory Farce Zone - BOING! (6/10)

Its great to finally see the Wacky Workbench gimmick in SRB2, though I personally feel that its potential was missed, and while you did say you had to rush near the end of it, many other areas just felt lacking. No matter how interesting it is, the gimmick needs to be worked into the level cohesively or else it is forgettable.

Mill Citadel Zone, Act 2 - Terrific (8/10)

AAAAAA MILL STONES!!! More of the same, but with a mill stone... It improves on quite a bit of the areas that were lacking in the previous one but there's not really anything new to say about it... except for the mill stone.

Greenery Pass, Act 2 - Standard (6/10)

It's a decent level and the first one I've seen in a while to use the Palmtree Panic texture set. It's generally fun and easy, but has nothing really notable.


Daimondus Battle - Poor (4/10)

Despite being a total Sapphire Falls ripoff it actually plays far differently because everything is so cramped and there seems to be no logic to the layout in some areas.

Aerial Match Zone, Act 2 - Decent (5/10)

The map played decently but the upper areas were a bit too narrow to add much of a dimension to the game. The layout itself however was actually quite interesting if only there was a little more vertical variation and a way to get to the upper area without springs.

Capture the Flag:

Geometric Void - Problematic (4/10)

The map has potential, but a few of the elements you tried to use to emulate PAZ actually worked against the level. First off, you made all of the platforms paper thin, which has the unintended side effect of ruining depth perception. While that may have served its purpose in a SP level, it just gets aggravating in multiplayer.
More serious is the fact that the huge number of transparent fofs makes it unbearably laggy. I initially thought you placed a downward wind as an anti-tails before I realized that it was C-lag prolonging my spindash input.
The layout isn't particularly interesting, but at least it looks good. Unfortunately it was nearly impossible to play the way it was intended.

Daimondus CTF2 - Bad (3/10)

While not broken, it makes it so much more obvious that you've ripped off Sapphire Falls for some reason but in doing so you've proven why the original makes for a poor ctf and actually made it worse. The one side path is totally isolated from the rest of the level and makes the rest of the level pointless as it cuts the travel down to five seconds as well as providing the player with two monitors and cover from anyone on any other path.

Illuminated City - Terrific (7/10)

While it initially appeared simplistic, the three tiered pathway actually made for a very interesting experience. Best part was that the lower path forced the player to use the straightaway for the rest of the way, making the second half of running base to base still risky.


Submerged Cavern - Cramped (4/10)

The level didn't have many interesting things going for it except for the floating blocks, but the hallways were all insufferably cramped making it very difficult to play smoothly.

Star Reactor - Good (6/10)

The level was actually far better than I initially expected it, offering a fair amount of obstacles as well as a few interesting hazards. Unfortunately the drops and antigravity still usually got in the way more than serving up anything interesting, and some of the paths such as the roundabout path in the long stretch and most of the yellow rings felt unintuitive.


Emblem Radar Ready
Ratings Post

Green Canyon Zone by SonicMaster 8/10
I really enjoyed how you got creative with the water skip gimmick

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone, Act 2 by Kuja 8/10
From what I played it was good, but very hard. HOW do you beat this level?

Hidden Sanctuary Zone, Act 2 by Ice 7/10
Nice level, Can't think of any thing else to say about it though.

Glaber Base 5 by Glaber Can't rate
This one's mine. In it are references to SRB2 TGF, Halloween, the Christmas Demos up to .96, the match mode Leak, and Portal.
The first broken zoom tube actually was suppose to be a zoom tube in the first place. for that matter, the area where you run into it comes from a past contest entry that I canceled called Tubelectric Circuit (pun not intended).

Now did any one see what I did to the game's credits? You know, the ones that show up when you beat the game normally?

Cosmic Galaxy by verifiaman 2/10
Ugh. this level was killer. Literly.

Flooded Forest Zone by Cheese 5/10
First off, get outta my head. Second the review. Eh it was decent for a 2d level.

Factory Farce Zone, Act 1 by MattW_CFI 8/10
First off, thank you for the map notification, second, What a map. I really liked the music choice

Mill Citadel Zone, Act 2 by Ezer'Arch 9/10
Ut oh. I found an Awall on the very first path to the right.

Greenery Pass Zone, Act 2 by Knockout The Echidna 5/10
the red sky really hurt things. other than that, good level design.

MAPA1 - Diamondus Battle by Glaber N/A
This stage first started out as Voiced concern 2, so the resemblance to Sapphire Falls is intentional, but after a bit I got the point about the GHZ textures and swopped them out.

MAPA2 - Aerial Match Zone 2 by Cheese

MAPA3 - Geometric Void Zone by SonicMaster
MAPA4 - Diamondus CTF2 by Glaber N/A
Durring the construction of Daimondus Battle I decided to make a CTF version too. If you open up Daimondus Battle, you will find 2 sectors in place for the CTF version.

MAPA5 - Illuminated City Zone by Cheese

MAPA6 - Submerged Cavern Zone by Cheese
MAPA7 - Star Reactor by Kuja
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