November/December 2011 Voting

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Welcome to the November/December 2011 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest voting topic! In this contest we have three single player, three match, two capture the flag, and ten circuit entries.

To vote, play a few games of each stage in a division in the intended gametype for judging, and give each map in the division a vote from 0 to 10, no decimals and with 5 as average. You can not vote on your own map, but if you vote on the rest of the stages in a division the lowest score on your map for that division will be dropped. For votes to count, the voter must vote on every map in a division (excluding their own entry if they have one). Votes where the voter obviously did not play the level in its intended gametype, or where the voter did not play the multiplayer maps with other real players will be discarded. Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else. For reference, the scale is as follows:

10 - Epic
9 - Awesome
8 - Great
7 - Good
6 - Decent
5 - Average
4 - Mediocre
3 - Bad
2 - Awful
1 - Horrendous
0 - Unplayable

Although it's not required for votes to count, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve his skill for future attempts. If your votes are dramatically different from the rest and you don't describe why, you may be asked to justify your reasoning.

Judging will end January 15, 2012 at 7 PM local time in the eastern time zone of the United States. Like the entry deadline, this counts the United States's daylight savings time between March and November. Votes submitted after this time by the forum timestamp will NOT be counted in the average, so if you want to be counted, don't vote at the last minute. After the deadline, the scores will be then averaged, and the person with the highest score in each division is the winner.

The entries are as follows:

Single Player: Special Stage Act 1 by ZarroTsu
City Area by Internet Explorer
Polluted Plains Zone by 742mph

Aquatic Egg Zone by akb778
Maple Lake Zone by ZarroTsu
Blissful Grove Zone by Scizor300

Capture the Flag:
Castle Flagman Zone by EternallyAries Red X
Spacebound Fortress Zone by ZarroTsu

Aphotic City Zone by ThunderNova
The End of Circuit by akb778
Unstable Icicle Zone by Zipper
Mountainside Greens Zone by Root
CastleLand Zone by EternallyAries Red X
Black Magic Workshop by Internet Explorer
Quartz Caverns Zone by glaber
Requiem for a Soul by Boinciel
Conveyor Climb Zone by Shadow Hog
Hot Chocalate Manor by Katmint

Those of you who played the preliminary release by Shadow Hog in #srb2fun, the single player files are unchanged, but the multiplayer one is slightly changed, so please redownload the multiplayer package. The voting deadline is one day later than it normally is because of the one day wait to start the voting topic, so have fun judging!


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i would rather not
Running Special Stage Act 1 - 6

City Area - 3

Polluted Plains Zone - 2

[2012-01-01 22:04:52] <Simsmagic> first of all, the story in the beginning was completely unnecessary
[2012-01-01 22:05:05] <Andrew2> Continue
[2012-01-01 22:05:06] <Simsmagic> and I passed through it without reading it
[2012-01-01 22:05:35] <Andrew2> Okay...
[2012-01-01 22:05:45] <Simsmagic> why is the thok gimped by the way
[2012-01-01 22:06:23] <Simsmagic> that screwed me up several times
[2012-01-01 22:06:24] <Colson> would honk be positive
[2012-01-01 22:06:25] <Andrew2> Because the level was originally designed for my pack The Rift, and its gameplay doesn't involve a powerful thok
[2012-01-01 22:06:41] <Colson> Andrew2: fix the gameplay to accomodate a more powerful thok?
[2012-01-01 22:06:47] <Andrew2> Maybe
[2012-01-01 22:07:05] <Andrew2> Even in normal SRB2, though, the thok just seemed awkward to me
[2012-01-01 22:07:09] <Simsmagic> it's just very jarring to play a level and suddenly I can't rely on something that almost every srb2 level utilizes
[2012-01-01 22:07:42] <Simsmagic> another thing worth pointing out is the notable absence of rings, even taking into account the enemies dropping them
[2012-01-01 22:07:46] <Andrew2> Maybe I'll increase its power a bit before the pack is released
[2012-01-01 22:08:01] <Simsmagic> IMO you should just restore it to it's full power
[2012-01-01 22:08:04] <Simsmagic> its*
[2012-01-01 22:08:22] <Andrew2> And the whole main gimmick of the level is that killing enemies is the ONLY way to get rings
[2012-01-01 22:08:56] <Simsmagic> yes but it lead to several circumstances where I had trouble proceeding because there were no enemies therefore rings
[2012-01-01 22:09:03] <Simsmagic> for example, the metal sonic boss
[2012-01-01 22:09:13] <Andrew2> I suppose
[2012-01-01 22:09:31] <Simsmagic> if you die, you restart from the checkpoint and have to face the boss without rings
[2012-01-01 22:09:48] <Simsmagic> which will possibly lead to continued deaths
[2012-01-01 22:10:05] <Katmint> SERVER TIMEOUT
[2012-01-01 22:10:21] <Simsmagic> also at the begin
[2012-01-01 22:10:42] <Andrew2> Yes?
[2012-01-01 22:10:46] <Simsmagic> beginning of the level you made a poor design choice
[2012-01-01 22:10:57] <Simsmagic> which is to introduce a hazard without introducing rings
[2012-01-01 22:11:24] <Andrew2> I'll take note of that
[2012-01-01 22:11:24] <Simsmagic> take out the lasers at the beginning at the level and I'd be okay with that whole part
[2012-01-01 22:11:37] <liamroot> to get through the first part of PPZ without spinjumping you have to get a running start
[2012-01-01 22:11:40] <Andrew2> How about if I add some enemies on the starting platform?
[2012-01-01 22:11:47] <liamroot> ...
[2012-01-01 22:11:52] <Simsmagic> no because that leads to a similar problem
[2012-01-01 22:11:53] <liamroot> no, you need to add rings
[2012-01-01 22:11:59] <Simsmagic> well
[2012-01-01 22:12:01] <Simsmagic> the same problem
[2012-01-01 22:12:12] <Simsmagic> you're still introducing a hazard without introducing rings
[2012-01-01 22:12:14] <Andrew2> Hmm
[2012-01-01 22:12:23] <Simsmagic> granted crawlas are barely hazards
[2012-01-01 22:12:35] <Katmint> oh come on
[2012-01-01 22:12:42] <Katmint> I consfail every time on IE's map
[2012-01-01 22:12:43] <Andrew2> One more thing, though...
[2012-01-01 22:12:45] <liamroot> i liked that metal sonic boss =)
[2012-01-01 22:12:49] <Andrew2> Thanks
[2012-01-01 22:12:55] <Simsmagic> the metal sonic boss was neat
[2012-01-01 22:13:20] <Andrew2> I'm glad you liked it
[2012-01-01 22:13:24] <Simsmagic> but I facing it without rings and dying a few times annoyed me so much that the neatness factor was reduced
[2012-01-01 22:13:29] <Simsmagic> my facing it*
[2012-01-01 22:13:55] <Andrew2> In the pack (and maybe I should've done this in the OLDC version, too), hitting Metal gives you rings
[2012-01-01 22:14:19] <Simsmagic> it might have made things better
[2012-01-01 22:14:24] <liamroot> lol even metal is powered by rings :P
[2012-01-01 22:14:30] <Simsmagic> also the poison is a 1-hit kill
[2012-01-01 22:14:39] <Simsmagic> that screwed me up more than you can imagine
[2012-01-01 22:14:39] <liamroot> yeah
[2012-01-01 22:14:50] <liamroot> the killing poison should look more obvious
[2012-01-01 22:14:56] <liamroot> why not have nitric acid?
[2012-01-01 22:15:02] <Simsmagic> if it were green poison maybe
[2012-01-01 22:15:05] <Andrew2> As in making it green?
[2012-01-01 22:15:08] <Andrew2> Hmm
[2012-01-01 22:15:10] <liamroot> yeah
[2012-01-01 22:15:16] <Simsmagic> since the green acid is generally accepted to be a 1 hit kill
[2012-01-01 22:15:22] <liamroot> the green acid texture is for nitric acid
[2012-01-01 22:15:23] <Andrew2> I'll consider it
[2012-01-01 22:15:33] -->| SonicX8000 ( has joined #srb2fun
[2012-01-01 22:15:51] <Simsmagic> you can keep the rising acid part as a 1 hit kill but make it green
[2012-01-01 22:15:51] <Andrew2> Anything else I should take note of?
[2012-01-01 22:16:00] <SonicX8000> Ok... have had a ice tray explode on you?
[2012-01-01 22:16:07] <SonicX8000> ever had*
[2012-01-01 22:16:12] <Andrew2> Nope
[2012-01-01 22:16:16] <Simsmagic> some of the areas were the acid was a hazard should be changed so that it damages you instead of outright killing you
[2012-01-01 22:16:18] <SonicX8000> It just did to me just now
[2012-01-01 22:16:21] <Simsmagic> where*
[2012-01-01 22:16:33] <SonicX8000> I wasn't even trying to break it, all I wanted was some ice. >_>
[2012-01-01 22:16:40] <SonicX8000> But nooooo
[2012-01-01 22:16:48] <Simsmagic> frozen things are incredibly brittle sonicx
[2012-01-01 22:17:09] <kathy> also
[2012-01-01 22:17:15] <kathy> what is chrispy's release thread doing in editing
[2012-01-01 22:17:31] <Simsmagic> I can't think of much else to comment on your map andrew2

comments later (probably not)
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Super Chris

Formerly SRB2PlayerFan
Most of the maps I liked, but there are some I don't like. Here are my votes.

Single Player:

Running Special Stage Act 1 by ZarroTsu - 6/10

This Special Stage is okay, but when you clear the level, you repeat the whole thing over and over and over again. I mean, when you stop, you fail. The level is a bit annoying since you repeat it when you finish. I also think you copied Inuyasha's idea of Special Stages in the future XSRB2.

City Area by Internet Explorer - 2/10

This level is WAY too cramped! Plus, there is no "city" in this level! On the chain part, it's hard to do with Sonic because you have to thok from one chain to another. Tails and Knuckles are strongly recommended for this level. Also, why put white textures? It looks more like Tortured Planet's What The Heck Zone. Lastly, that conveyor section is so annoying. Reminder: Leave the first section out of it and save it for the final part. The conveyor belt was running faster than a bullet train.

Polluted Plains Zone by 742mph - 7/10

Good intro and ring-collecting badniks, but why did you shorten Sonic's thok and Tails' flight? That just takes the fun out of the level and it makes it more hard. Also, after the first checkpoint, there are instant killing pools that needed to make Sonic lose rings when he steps on them. When you die after touching the checkpoint, you respawn while facing the wall. On the 2D part over the water, what was the point of placing floors that crumble into the water? I found that kinda dumb.


Aquatic Egg Zone by akb778 - 9/10

Good map, but there are some areas that are a little bit cramped, which makes a good use for Bounce Rings. Overall, the level had nothing to do with Eggman. It may be cramped, but it's very distinct and I like the way you placed panels.

Maple Lake Zone by ZarroTsu - 7/10

This level should be the next Meadow Match Zone. Rail Rings make a huge advantage here and there are less spots to hide. Also, what is this map doing in the CTF header? There are no Blue/Red Team starts, bases or flags. Designers should always check their level before submitting.

Blissful Grove Zone by Scizor300 - 8/10

Nice grove. More details coming soon.

Capture the Flag:

Castle Flagman Zone by EternallyAries Red X - 10/10

Nice castle look! I even like the little grassy areas it has! But, I have one complaint. The staircases behind the bases are cramped. Otherwise, good handy work.

Spacebound Fortress Zone by ZarroTsu - 8/10

It's okay, but I do have one thing to say... What is this map doing in the Match division? There is no reason why this should be in the Match header.


Aphotic City Zone by ThunderNova - 5/10

This level is pretty okay, but it seems more like a revamped version of City Jump by Brawl. Also, why did you add arrows? The fences are the obvious things pointing out the path.

The End of Circuit by akb778 - 2/10

It's a good/bad thing to see the circuit division go, but was it really necessary to enter this in the contest? When you reach the first checkpoint, it lags a bit. Also, in the backsection, the entire place is covered with random colormaps. Next time, put effort into your level before you submit it.

Unstable Icicle Zone by Zipper - 6/10

It's pretty okay, but there are some areas where players are more than likely to pass through. Also, why is the ice theme still being used? It is overrated. ('Nuff said. :P)

Mountainside Greens Zone by Root - 1/10

This level looks more like a flat grassland than a mountainside. There are spikeballs and rings that are on the ground (And not floating :P)

CastleLand Zone by EternallyAries Red X - 7/10

It's good, but a little bit cramped. It also has a library just like CEZ in 2.1. Nice map.

Black Magic Workshop by Internet Explorer - 1/10

Really, this level looks more like a single player level than a circuit because at a few points in the map, you have to pass an area quickly before you asphynxiate.

Quartz Caverns Zone by glaber - 5/10

Good level, but the stairs that I climb don't have a ramp sector. I have to jump over and over again and there are some areas that are too wide for Sonic players. Next time, go easy on the gaps.

Requiem for a Soul by Boinciel - 1/10

Sorry, but what is this?! This level is WAY too wide open and it only has the sound that plays after you collect all emblems in the Single Player campaign. Sure, it may be a joke level, but why add it? I mean, the map is about as open like the Grand Canyon. And again, why use an ice-themed level? Ice levels are overrated.

Conveyor Climb Zone by Shadow Hog - 1/10

This level is too hard, and it is also a joke level. Climbing those conveyors are annoying besides the fact they are by laser walls. Also, it is too long. Plus, there are some hackers that would use Tails here instead of Knuckles. The subtitle says "No thokking allowed!" (How can I thok with Knuckles if there are no platforms for Sonic and Tails to jump on?) Also, you took out a part from Egg Rock and added it over and over again. Seriously, repeating the same sector takes the fun out of it.

Hot Chocalate Manor by Katmint - 2/10

It's too cramped, and one area makes Tails and Knuckles players use their advantage while Sonic players have to jump around flamethrowers. Then, we have to jump around more flamethrowers in a cramped circuit. You also spelled "chocolate" wrong, Katmint. :P
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Mountainside Greens Zone by Root:
There's a major shortage of rings, neither the rings nor the spikeballs float like they should, one path is in all respects inferior to the other and the map is completely flat and devoid of anything interesting. In other words, there's nothing redeeming about this map aside from the fact that it can be completed.
At one point while i was making the map i tried making the rings float, but for some reason the float flag didnt work for me.
EDIT:also the reason i called it "Mountainside greens" was because the wall's are rocks, which i thought would work as a mountain on the side of the course.


The Tortured Planet guy

Running Special Stage Act 1, by ZarroTsu - 2/10
Okay, as with KO.T.E. and Blade, I'm gonna chew you out for not putting the full name of the WAD in the filename. Suppose I want to play this am I going to remember that it's "sc_RSS1.wad"? Or suppose I'm just flipping through my folder at random...if I see "sc_RSS1.wad", how am I supposed to remember what it contains?

Then again, there's a big difference. With KO.T.E. and Blade, I might seriously want to replay their levels now and then. I can't honestly ever see myself wanting to relive this. I thought that glaber's previous debacles in the 1.09.4 era made it quite clear to everyone that Special Stages don't have a snowball's chance in hell of gaining any respect in the OLDC. I will grant you that the concept in this one is a little more original, but the running gimmick isn't anywhere near enough to save this level. Run run run run run, align yourself with the clumps of rings, jump whenever you see some rings floating above you, very occasionally clear a pit. That is the entire level, in all its monotonous glory.

Here's an idea. How about a Single Player stage which features a room employing the forced running gimmick? It might work if it isn't the whole stage...and it's a LOT shorter.

City Area, by Internet Explorer - 2/10
I have to say, I thought you knew better than this by now, IE. When I loaded this level up, I was prepared for something rough around the edges. I wasn't prepared for something that full-on sucks. You usually have a bunch of neat ideas that are hurt by odd design choices. In this level, you have one or two ideas buried in what can only be described as an absolute mess.

Let's start with the first few rooms. What exactly is this place supposed to be? Some kind of apartment or other communal living space? I'd just call it an eyesore. That texture is a terrible choice for the wall, and it clashes horribly with the disco floor. Also, there's no sense of direction whatsoever...I wandered around for about two minutes before finding my way out of the place. And what the heck is with those rock-textured doors that shatter when you touch them? It doesn't look good at all. And what's more, you often place Crawlas on the other side of the doors, so more often than not I'd break through into the next room and instantaneously get hit by an enemy that I can't have seen coming and shouldn't reasonably have been expected to anticipate.

The parking lots are visual barf, mostly because of those awful cars. Upright cars are really, really tough to make in SRB2 (that's why I decided to rest them on their sides in Drowned Downtown Zone), but even by SRB2 standards they look terrible. I will say that some of the hallways after that look and play fairly well (I did like the lighting around the pits, for example), although they are inescapably linear.

That zoom tube has to go. Its texturing makes no sense, and it's unbelievably lazy. Please come up with a more creative way of transitioning between rooms. But the real topper was the god-awful room beyond the zoom tube...if it weren't for that room, I might have given this level a 3 or a 4. Quite apart from the fact that its visual design and scenery is completely incoherent (ERZPIPE textures on Bustable Blocks!?), it took me an eternity to understand what I had to do to open that door at the top. I think the main reason is that the button is crammed to the side, and has a gray texture very similar to the platform it's on. Button pushes are lame to begin with, but very hard-to-find button pushes are just appalling.

I actually liked the next room...the use of the conveyor belt was fairly original, and the visuals weren't too shabby compared to the rest of the stage. But then comes the Eggman sign, and it's over.

My advice to you is: go back and take a look at Lost Feelings Island. And don't design another level until you manage to figure out how to apply the inspiration you used to make that particular masterpiece to your Single Player levels.

Polluted Plains Zone, by 742mph
- 4/10
Okay, I'm still having a hard time understanding why Eggman didn't just kill Sonic while he was comatose. I know you tried to explain it, but the explanation was seriously lacking.

Story aside, the level wasn't terrible. It's clear you put your heart into this. But there were a few endemic flaws. Most important, the path splits. They were badly imbalanced, confusing, and didn't always make it clear which direction you were supposed to go. Also, the toxic slime was badly botched...they weren't water blocks, they didn't have colormaps, and they killed the player instantly. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Furthermore, there are a lot of rooms that are horribly cramped...there's virtually no room to breathe, let alone step around lethal slime.

Still, I like the direction you're headed in. Focus on making something more solid and intuitive...a novel idea is worthless if you can't place it in the context of a well-built level.


Aquatic Egg Zone, by akb778 - 4/10
The theme makes no sense, but it's not terrible. A reasonable amount of rooms with distinct visuals, and a good spread for weapon panels.

Maple Lake Zone, by ZarroTsu
- 8/10
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I loved this one. Loads of open space to run around, plus original visuals and a solid structure. Well done.

Blissful Grove Zone, by Scizor300
- 7/10
Another really good stage. Generally open structure, but definite contiguous subunits to add variety. I thought it seemed a tad small, but I like small stages (see: Splice Lab Zone).


Castle Flagman Zone, by EternallyAries Red X - 5/10
I will admit I wasn't expecting much from you, given your history and this level's awful title. But it actually looks like this level had some serious thought put into it. My only serious complaint is that the path layout is...bizarre. Not necessarily bad, just weird.

By the way, this has nothing to do with your level, but it's high time someone pointed this out to you. Ares is the god of war. Aries is the astrological sign of the ram.

Spacebound Fortress Zone, by ZarroTsu - 6/10
An interesting combination of themes in a solidly constructed stage. I only have a couple of issues. First, the frame lag is a real problem. Second, flag carriers find themselves with very limited options of how to return to base...perhaps too limited.


Aphotic City Zone, by ThunderNova
- 1/10
OH GOD MY EYES. Bricks, bricks everywhere! Not to mention tricky gas-jet platforming which forces you to stop and maneuver to an annoying degree. This isn't a good start to this set of levels.

The End of Circuit, by akb778
- 1/10
As much of a blatant joke map as this is, I actually found it mesmerizing. And it was at least playable. Although I must seriously take issue with the technique of using HOMs artistically. And unfortunately, the fact is that you don't actually get to do anything in this level. You just run, run, run along a flat track free of any obstacles or challenge whatsoever.

Unstable Icicle Zone, by Zipper
- 4/10
Deathly boring and fairly confusing, but there's nothing seriously wrong with it, which is more than can be said for about half of these levels. So congratulations on a mediocre job well done.

Mountainside Greens Zone, by Root
- 0/10
Congratulations. A big flat two-textured loop with undeafed rings and spikeballs, plus a highly visible shortcut that blatantly shaves off about ten seconds from the track. I'm rating it zero because it's so absurdly broken that there is no chance of holding a legitimate race here.

CastleLand Zone, by EternallyAries Red X
- 4/10
At least it looks pretty. But it's often tough to figure out where to go in this level, and when it comes to Circuit, obviousness is king. On the other hand, this is an issue that seems ubiquitous throughout this crop of levels, so I'm not quite sure how harshly I should judge you for it.

Black Magic Workshop, by Internet Explorer
- 3/10
I desperately wanted to give this a higher rating, because I fell in love with the visuals...this is clearly the most gorgeous Circuit level in the contest. Unfortunately, navigating this place is confusing as hell, particularly the demon-possession areas. It's totally unfair to invoke a space countdown in those sections; people should have just been allowed to pass through normally.

Quartz Caverns Zone, by glaber
- 2/10
First of all, OMG giant stairs. Giant stairs make me want to punch a hole in my wall. Second of all, boy is this level boring. Also, in the first section I thought I was supposed to turn left, and found myself back at the start, facing the opposite direction. You really ought to block off that route or something.

Requiem for a Soul, by Boinciel
- 2/10
I loved this place at the beginning, but the more I played the less I liked it. It went on forever, endlessly, without reprieve, and the choice of music made the slog all the more torturous. Also, what were you thinking adding crumbling platforms on the main route? That creates a tremendous advantage for the player in the lead.

Conveyor Climb Zone, by Shadow Hog
- 1/10
Okay, clearly this is a gimmick stage, similar to Not A Thokfest Zone. But where Not A Thokfest produced some really original and interesting gameplay, this just crashed and burned. There's never enough time to climb those conveyor belts and gain enough height for it to be worthwhile...they always seem to push me into the electric grids and kill me. And since I jump directly away from the wall, I sometimes need a few seconds to gain my bearings and work out which way to go.

Hot Chocalate
(sic) Manor, by Katmint - 1/10
This was kind of an interesting idea, but you obviously still have no idea how to design a Circuit level. This is all just complicated platform jumping and obstacle dodging, without any chance to create some semblance of flow. But at least you took the time to show off a few textures that hardly ever get doesn't get you any points, of course, but props to you anyway.
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Kart Krew™️
And this is a bad thing in a joke map?


aka Sutekh94
And here are my reviews. SP first, maybe MP later.

Single Player:

Running Special Stage 1,
by ZarroTsu - 7/10

This stage honestly surprised me because you don't see special stages entered in the OLDC too often. That being said, I think this is the best interpretation of a Sonic 2-style special stage in SRB2. My only suggestion is to lessen the amount of pits here somewhat just to make it a bit easier, but otherwise great job.

City Area, by Internet Explorer - 4/10

Where to begin... First off, the beginning area, in general. Most of the time I had no idea where to go or what to do. The area with the chains was bit flaky for me as I got stuck on the chains (by "stuck" I mean "you can't get off the chain easily"). The conveyor area doesn't have the best execution in the world - I suggest making the entire beginning area of the conveyor stationary and make the ceiling higher here. Also, the level as a whole was somewhat cramped.

Polluted Plains Zone, by 742mph - 4/10

I'll admit, the beginning cutscene was actually very good. The map itself... not so much. Half of the map is composed of either death pits or parts that are instant kill - you touch them and you're dead. The "rings inside enemies" gimmick doesn't work too well mainly because the level is a bit on the harder side - the aforementioned death pits and instant kill sectors, and the swooping lasers everywhere inside the factory (you can actually get killed, seconds within starting the map, because you ran into a laser!) Also, I saw parts of the map where I thought there was another path, but I got blocked from entering those parts because they're actually the exits from other paths - that's kinda annoying. Also, why did you change Sonic's thok? That only makes the map harder than it is already.
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My work is never done yet
the level is too hard

It's supposed to be rather difficult, considering how it's relatively close to the end of the modification that I've included it in, but I suppose you have no way of knowing that.

instant kill sectors

What are you talking about? There are no sectors that can kill you as soon as you enter them, only the sludge and the poisoned water, and you have to actually touch them for that to happen, not just jump above them.
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aka Sutekh94
What are you talking about? There are no sectors that can kill you as soon as you enter them, only the sludge and the poisoned water, and you have to actually touch them for that to happen, not just jump above them.

That's what I meant by "instant kill sectors" - probably should've said "instant kill goop" or something like that.

Aquatic Egg Zone, by akb778 - 4/10
The theme makes no sense, but it's not terrible. A reasonable amount of rooms with distinct visuals, and a good spread for weapon panels.

It's supposed to be a water plant/sewer plant-type building. Parts of it originally had different textures and I can't remember why I changed them to what they are now.
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Shadow Hog

Conveyor Climb Zone by Shadow Hog - 1/10

This level is too hard, and it is also a joke level. Climbing those conveyors are annoying besides the fact they are by laser walls. Also, it is too long. Plus, there are some hackers that would use Tails here instead of Knuckles.
Some criticisms here are valid enough; it is pretty difficult, I can see climbing the conveyors possibly being annoying for some people, and it is fairly lengthy.

However, it isn't a joke level (seriously, how the hell did you come to THAT conclusion), and your Tails comment is complete bullshit. I've verified how far he can go, he can't even reach the first checkpoint. Also, what "hackers" can do is irrelevant to the merits of a given map.


SRB2PlayerFan, as an impartial party, as someone who hasn't played, much less participated, in an OLDC for over a year now, reading your post, I'm very tempted to outright delete it from existence. You are not using ANY sort of reasoning to justify your poor votes on some of the maps, and the high scores on the maps you have rated ALSO lack any sort of thought out reasoning.
I don't care if you rate them the same way again, but I'm telling you right now, I want to see full paragraph-size (At least 6 sentences that each address different portions of the map and what makes it worth the score you give it) explanations for any votes you make that don't have the scores 4, 5, or 6 in them. Seriously.


Over The Speed Limit
Running Special Stage Act 1, by ZarroTsu :: HONK-IF-YOU-LIKE-PEANUTS/10

This was generally just a submission to see how well received this special stage idea would be. Primarily, this spawned due to the whole NiGHTs special stages fiasco, and at some point I thought it would be a fun idea compared to the default special stages. I've already predicted weeks ago that the voting results would be dramatically mixed between people who strictly hate special stages and people who would be surprised by something like this being done relatively well. That said, the same complaints I receive could probably be repeated word for word to almost every other 'running' special stage in even the official games. Funny, that.

City Area, by Internet Explorer :: 4/10

It takes a while to figure out exactly where you're suppose to go; and I really wasn't expecting a more adventure-styled map. It's hard for me to really rate this accurately due to it being so forgettable. There's really nothing much to the map once you figure out where to go, and after that point it's a moderately linear path. I know there's a shortcut in the one elevator, and that was a nice touch, but ultimately it doesn't help keep this from being a below-average map.

Polluted Plains Zone, by 742mph :: 4/10

"Geez, it's like if Glaber some how made a map the scale of dumbventure, without at all improving."

While I should compliment you for some sonic-CD sort of map idea, a lot of the design decisions were annoying. The thok being nerfed to shit didn't bug me much after I learned to simply not rely on it for anything. That said, the lack of thok seems to just be a means to artificially lengthening the map. I will admit that a few gimmicks are alright, but most of them are desperately relying on the player being a high-end professional to accomplish. There's hardly any margin for error while playing it, and the map is like this immediately once it begins. I wouldn't mind it so much if not for the fact that the same gimmicks with the lasers was repeated almost every slime-bound jump. Not fun.

Finally, the final checkpoint before Metal Sonic lacks any rings -- or in this case enemies -- to give you any margin of error for the fight. And at this point it's really in your best interest to just restart the entire map and try to keep your rings to the end, because this boss will often fake you out and shoot you in the face at close-range.
Aquatic Egg Zone, by akb778 :: 2/10

This map is awful. There's no open spaces to the level, and the most memorable part of it is the abysmally small outside area. I've said it before, but this is pretty much "Spokesperson Internet Slang -- The Level". Get it? It's a series of tubes!

Maple Lake Zone, by ZarroTsu :: OUR-LORD-AND-SAVIOR/10

And then I made a really fun, clean, and straightforward match map.

This was sort of made to try and capture a really simple design alah meadow match, but it expanded to be a little more complex.

And if you're reading this, and you haven't yet, try spin-dashing at various angles from the upper side of the lake toward the lower side. Your spin-skip on the water should EASILY carry you to the other side, allowing for fast travel to the other end of the lake, as well as just plain fun. Try it!

Blissful Grove Zone, by Scizor300 :: 5/10

This map is grieved with a ton of tedious errors that really hinder the player's ability to move around freely. Don't get me wrong, I like the ambiance, but...

For one, despite its initial appearance, the level is rather cramped. It might appear open-spaced enough, but there's very little movement space around the outside of the 'lake' in the middle. This leads the map to lack any sort of flow in that you can't at all just thok in one continuous direction with Sonic -- you're forced to spelunk in the lake, or worse, turn around entirely.

Secondly, there are quite literally no weapon rings to be found. There's maybe, from vague memory, one of each weapon ring lying around, and it's in such an obscure location that you'll never even find it within a 5 minute limit unless you actually STOP FIGHTING and LOOK FOR IT. Which really isn't something you should be doing. Take any of the default maps for example -- there are weapon rings every goddamn where. Why? Because the player is moving around constantly, and should never have to stop to reload.

Really, I can't tell whether this is a joke map or not. Or just a shoddy rush job.
Castle Flagman Zone, by EternallyAries Red X :: 2/10

Jesus Christ. Where do I even begin.

Firstly, this map is goddamn difficult to navigate. There are times when you try to leave the base by the staircase exit, only to hit the springs across the gap and be sent back in.

Secondly, crushers in a CTF map in the way they were presented is a really terrible idea. My first time playing the map, I completely avoided the crushers due to not wanting to stop to examine the other side, unless I could see the other side immediately (that is to say, the one in the middle). When I finally DID go through the crushers, I was BAFFLED there was even an outside area to the map. It's so out of the way that it's entirely pointless to ever go out there.

Finally, lending itself to the first point, is that this map was horribly cramped. Rooms like the transition area to the outside where the auto panels and flowing moat are? More of the map should have been that open-spaced. I found myself extremely claustrophobic playing this, and absolutely DREADING to play it any other times beyond the first one. And then I played it thrice, and I hated it every time.

Spacebound Fortress Zone, by ZarroTsu :: RUSH-JOB-SAVES-THE-DAY/10

Fun fact: This map was literally made within the final 6 hours before the submission deadline, from wad creation to submission. Why would I do this? Because there was only the one other entrant to CTF. And I knew, in my heart, that it would be terrible. And lo and behold...
Aphotic City Zone, by ThunderNova :: 2/10

While I'd love to give you some form of recognition for attempting to make an anti-Sonic race map, this was stupidly dark and really kicked circuit off on a bad foot. Also, the first teleport in the Zim-wallpaper bedroom tended to break for all but 3 people every race.

The End of Circuit, by akb778 :: 1/10


Unstable Icicle Zone, by Zipper :: 6/10

I'll hand it to you that this was one of the better maps in this division, but it's really rather depressing looking. In all honesty it looks like Glaber made it on an off-day, and while I'd like to rate it higher due to your random-teleporter idea, this often fails to execute and simply doesn't do a lot to help the map. Really, there's just no flow to it -- then again, maybe that's just circuit in general. Or snow/ice levels.

Also I think a few checkpoints might have been broken?

Mountainside Greens Zone, by Root :: 2/10

It was silly thok-fest fun, like everyone expected.

I suggest next time you have at least two checkpoints, as the single checkpoint here really allowed players to run the race in any direction they pleased.

CastleLand Zone, by EternallyAries Red X :: 7/10

This is when I began to realize the reason this circuit division has been rather underwhelming: all the 'competent' race maps are doing their damnedest to try and prove that Tails and Knuckles can win over Sonic. And while this map succeeds in this, it really only serves to make playing as Sonic somewhat undesirable. Once I understood the layout, I simply swapped characters to Tails wherever needed to skip the lengthened Sonic area, and this served to throw me to victory almost every time.

There's also a minor issue with the teleporting gimmick in that if you miss a checkpoint -- say the library to the outside area due to assuming the only check there is the one on the bookshelf -- you can't return inside the castle to retrieve it. "Whoops! Your silly mistake made you lose the race!"

Black Magic Workshop, by Internet Explorer :: 7/10

This map was amazing. I'll agree with spirit crusher's negative points above in that the altar room(s) lead you to assume the back exit does nothing the first time, but after trying it again you're stricken with glee as hell breaks loose and the level's trying to kill you. It was a very memorable level simply due to its dark twists -- I only wish you executed them in a more circuit-friendly fashion. Perhaps a sequel would do well as a single player map?

Quartz Caverns Zone, by glaber :: 5/10

Boring, but still above average as far as this contest is concerned. (Oh Jesus, let that sink in for a moment)

Your attempts at a shorter knuckles route was admirable, but you really should have tested it more with the whirlwind barrier considered. You can quite literally access EVERY Knuckles route as Sonic if you have the whirlwind barrier, thereby cementing your victory.

Requiem for a Soul, by Boinciel :: 4/10

"This message brought to you by Sonic Team jr."

Conveyor Climb Zone, by Shadow Hog :: 1/10

No. Bad.

Hot Chocalate Manor, by Katmint :: 4/10

While an interesting gimmick, this level is rather on the short side, and it ends up being fairly cramped. I enjoy the secret shortcut you introduced, however with random item boxes on this can be rendered entirely meaningless if you can't get the elemental barrier.
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I'm probably going to remake MSGZ from scratch and add new paths and fix all the problems and release it on the MB. also i am going to do my OLDC review soon.


Another OLDC and this time we say goodbye to the Race Division. Sadly my SP map didn't make it in. I guess that's my fault for not submitting it sooner and because school starts for me in a week and I won't have a break until summer, I might not get it in until then. I will try though.

Well enough moping around for me lets get on with the reviews.

Single Player:

Running Special Stage Act 1 - by ZarroTsu:
This was a very interesting level. In fact I've never seen a Special Stage level submitted in the OLDC before, so it was a first for me. As I played it though I found that it was pretty neat. Certainly very different from any other Special Stage I've seen before. So I gotta give you points for the creativity. I found though that the death pits were a bit annoying in some parts, especially during the end. I tended to fall into them there. Also since it's Act 1 of the Special Stages, I think you should consider making it a bit easier for players to get the emerald. Maybe getting rid of a few death pits? If you do this though and you find that the level seems pretty easy, you could always add some of those Spike Bomb things. Either way I rather enjoyed this, however I think it could have been better.

City Area - by Internet Explorer:
Alright at first I had this strange feeling that you did way better on your race map than on this one. There were parts where I was very unsure where to go. Although the level was fairly original, I kinda disagree on your texture choices for the level. It kinda seemed a bit random in some places. I did like the cars you made, even though they didn't have round wheels, but hey I guess that's just the games fault. Although I really didn't like the level, I didn't completely hate it either. I think you did a nice job in a few places, but overall I think you could have made the map less cramped, made better texture choices, and you could have also made the path a bit more easy to follow.

Polluted Plains Zone - by 742mph:
When I saw the name I expected something like the exact reverse of Greenflower Zone. When I selected the level, however, I saw cutscenes(which I thought weren't too bad), and afterwards a giant factory with lazers blocking my path. Later I found out about the nerfed thok, and everything else. I felt that there were cheap deaths whenever I took a path with lazers and goop that instantly killed you. I have to agree that some of the others were right about your map. It is meant for someone who truly knows how to play the game or a 'pro' if you wish. Also the level design wasn't even that good as well even though the path seemed pretty straight forward and I also thought that the battle with Metal Sonic at the very end didn't even suit the level itself. Quite frankly I didn't like this map too much, but it wasn't terribly bad and even though it had effort in other places, I feel like it didn't for the level design.

Other Ratings will be added later on.
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Internet Explorer

Average fireworks for an average contest.
Competition rather disappointing on the whole, it must be said ... I also noticed new / rare designers that I didn't or almost didn't know their works, perhaps some participants are beginners mappers. As for the creators of Race including myself, some have abandoned their plans, others did not have enough time, etc. ... some have stopped the production.
I am far from an experienced commentator, but I'll give what I can.

1 Player Division

Running Special Stage Act 1 by ZarroTsu : 9 / 10
The mechanism of this level is probably one of the best ideas that could be attributed to SRB2, and secondly, this bonus is the best bonus I've ever seen, because it is the first that contain a such gameplay. Of course, I will not note this level according to the original 1P level design maps, but according to the bonus level design.
+ Given the lags, I can not imagine the number of platforms that crumble .. that you must have suffered to set up ~
+ Traditional textures : the area where Sonic is running is short and simple but sufficient. A bonus that file in a straight line, without decorations "to fill" on the sides. I just want to know something, if you read this : you didn't based your level on the bonus of the Sonic Blast game, by chance ?
+ The music of Sonic Advance, I think ? According to people, it may be appropriate or not ... it depends on the people.
- The only small point is that it was quite repetitive. It required more variations, but of very slight variations : simple steps/stairs, springs that make the player fly over a big hole ...

City Area by myself
Basically, it was one of my training levels to level design, but it was a serious level design training, of course. So I agree that it is really very average, I do not want to show off something exeptionnal here. To be honest, I have heard that there were not many 1P maps in this contest, so I dusted off my old levels ..
This one has been made 1 year ago.

Polluted Plains Zone by 742mph : 6 / 10
Amazing how the editing style is similar to D00D64's ! But that isn't flourishing all over ...
+ You seem to be good to the SOC edition. I am referring to Metal Sonic but also as some gimmicks ... those who drive the Eggman engine, for example, in the 2D part ... However, change the speed of thok was it really necessary ?
+ The theme looks pretty original and nice to play. After the story (which is pretty much invented for my taste), the music of JP Palmtree Panic is perfect for the atmosphere "Green Hill Base" where the player appears.
- According to the players, the difficulty may be annoying or beloved. Personally .. I'm neutral on it. But just don't abuse of a hard and annoying challenge, like rooms with Death Pits which need a lot of player control to don't be hurt by the lasers.
- Be careful with that, because no one will pass on the good old Level Design 101 ... it's very tight. Yes, even a power plant needs to have larger areas, and Green Hill too. I know you want to make a hard level, but draw the smallest sectors which can exist isn't the best way to make a hard level.
Once the level is completed, the plant that I traveled seemed quite small.
Conclusion : no offenses on gadgets / experimentation, but the basic rules of construction prevent me to enjoy your experience ... on new mechanisms.
Match Division
Aquatic Egg Zone by akb778 : 4 / 10
... let's agree on one point, the rail has never been strong in the narrow levels.
+ I think the choice of textures is the thing to highlight. I understand the theme without problems, and the Tidal Palace / Techno Hill transitions quietly taking place without problems.
+ At least it's good that there is no lag.
- I can understand that you wanted in your theme to show a kind of flooded base with pipes and secret passages under water, but that's really too narrow for the fighting. This is the biggest problem at this level ...
- For an Eggman base, it does not seem very dangerous.
Note : In my sense, I would rather see "Aquatic Egg" as the level Waterworks (maybe you do not know it : Waterworks = ERZ + Water Style), with passages out from time to time. With a beautiful rain, it's perfect.

Maple Lake Zone by ZarroTsu : 8 / 10
I took a good beating when I played this with some people .. Personally, the Nimbus Ruins fits better, but you can chose as your tastes, of course.
+ In fact ... it's like Meadow Match ! There's just more vertical variations and submarine passages ! So I think this great arena will appeal to experienced players.
+ The Rail is difficult to achieve, well done. In this way, players will flee unarmed in the middle of the vast arena. At least, as the hunter does not get the rail .. General gameplay is also very strategic. The rows of rings and 10 boxes of rings are not placed anywhere.
- Speaking of weapons, their investment could be slightly more balanced, I noticed a bad balance between weapons in the cave and in the lake sector.
- This theme would have been cuter if the music would not be so ... unsuited to these pretty ruins. As this is my own opinion, I do not take into account that in the mark ~

Blissful Grove Zone by Scizor300 : 6 / 10
This is the kind of stage which is very bloody and not smell good the surprise attack.
+ No repproche on the placement of weapons / rings, it is besides this that I think represents the level.
+ Let's also present the water pass, it can exhaust the major fightings and even contain a shield. Very good pass and probably vital at this level.
+ Maybe nature has been made strategically for the players ? I have not tried to hide behind the trees and sneak attack, but it could work ...
- A large area. As Maple Lake, the Rail is hard to obtain, which is good, but the level is really designed to create a hard time (I am mostly referring to the spring in the middle of the arena, which climb the players to the top of the tree ... the one who goes through this passage is death.)
You make a lot of nature level, don't you ? Or maybe is it just a rush ?
Capture the Flag Division
Castle Flagman Zone by EternallyAries Red X : 8 / 10
On closer inspection, I discovered a much better gameplay than received when I tested the level for the first time. A little pun on the words in the name of the level, except that the flags ... were not really present.
+ If the player wants to make an assault on the base, then the road is traced. If he wants to reload a weapon, then he will deflect. Here, the weapons are worth, they are not obtained by running straight toward the enemy base. I come to the following fact :
+ All is well placed : weapons like rings. We can also recognize the shield in the middle, in a dangerous area.
- Maybe there was a little too much areas ! I refer especially to the outside, with streams of water that hurt. In CTF, we need to be able to quickly pick up or retrieve the flag.
- Slightly tight, but very slightly. I do not forget that it is a castle.

Spacebound Fortress Zone by ZarroTsu : 7 / 10
I thought it was a straight line between two bases, I was wrong. In fact, there is gravity in space ?
+ Music / Textures granted to the theme and the name of the level.
+ To move from one base to another, there is a jump over the void. The chases and the online parties will be longer (positive).
- The rings are always placed at the edges ! Rings, you can not stay in the middle of the passages ?
And regarding the cases of the 10 rings boxes, it should work. They are not placed in easy heights, but do not cause difficult situations either.
Race Division
Aphotic City Zone by ThunderNova : 3 / 10
I'm sorry, but this level is far too complex ... can not take the speed of the Race mode here.
+ The theme is the only thing I can more or less respect. Otherwise, maybe some Tails and Knuckles will venture here .. since there is the height.
- Yes, it's impossible to run continuously here, or else for a brief package of short seconds. A teleporter, any vertical variation, and Sonic stops to get high. The gameplay is focused around that unfortunately only ... a very close race and irregular can not get a lot of fun ...

Unstable Icicle Zone by Zipper : 6 / 10
Not bad at all. Actually... I think you exploited all the ideas of the words of the name of the level, so... I can't tell if you missed something about challenges.
+ Areas are big, but it's not a Thokfest, or if it is, then it's a strategic thokfest. Because fall under the water is probably the worst thing which can happen in this level to the players...
~ The two passages at the beggining are unfair. The one with the current looks much longer.
- There are maybe some areas which need less walls. Like the dark one with golden and purple columns...

The End of Circuit by akb778 : 2 / 10
Two points for this psychedelic dance. Still, I prefer a little more visual jokes like these than the jokes about the gameplay, like some levels ... "obnoioxies mym litltle pnony refenrence znone". Anyway, have a little show from time to time can give a little rest before the rest of the maps ...

Mountainside Greens Zone by Root : 2 / 10
I can't say good things about this one... It's just a thokfest. In a grassy mountain decor. The pass at the middle of the wall just divide the level...

CastleLand Zone by EternallyAries Red X : 7 / 10
Another castle theme, but it seems you make them good.
+ We really have the feeling to be in a dark and high castle, like these ones with a bell at the top, especially when comes this part with spring combos which propel you higher.
+ The gameplay is ok, according to the way you're using to do the level... there are some little shortcuts with Sonic, like by using some boxes to reach higher platforms...
- Of course, it is narrow, and it's not the best thing for the race.
- I just noticed that : there is water at the beggining of the castle. I maybe didn't got your idea.
Sweet clouds.

Quartz Zone Caverns by glaber: 7 / 10
This is a beautiful cave -or rather mine- but with slight problems in the gameplay.
+ Very nice to watch, especially when the sky is visible, but ... the "light rock" (those that are light blue, yellow, etc ...) inked into the ground do not seem to adapt.
+ Despite several passages, there is no confusion.
- If there really is something that I hated, it's the stairs ... you have to jump regularly, and a bad timing can slow. You should find another way to increase the height.

Black Magic Workshop by myself
My main level for this contest. I see that you don't enjoy it. Let's see then..
Before all, please notice that this isn't supposed to give any religious opinions. I used the Satanism theme to make a scary level, because I know this religion's symbols are easily recognizable.

I heard a lot of thing about a teleporter problem... my teleporter was supposed to work like "Each time a player enter the dark stair, he/she must be teleported to the beggining of the level". I just don't know WHERE this pit is from. There is no pits around the teleporter or its destination... And my level especially failed because of this teleporter. Why me ? I set it correctly, but I just don't know WHY it doesn't work ! I checked everything !

This teleporter works when only 1 player do it, but for some reasons, it can't handle several players ?

Then, about the gameplay and the overall level...
I used a lot of confusion to improve the scary theme, but I can understand that this was maybe too much confusing, some people even said it could be a SP map... Well, you need to try something several times to understand how is it supposed to work. It's like doing ERZ3 for the first time without help, nothing.

Requiem for a Soul by Boinciel : 9 / 10
"Requiem", so it's a serious work for me ... Here, it was not entirely matter of gameplay, but atmosphere (this is how I took this level.). And I see inside feelings, I do not think you wanted to create just a little joke based on the music .... do you ? I really enjoy to see ideas that are not from the sectors blood but the heart of the designers.
+ The first thing I notice is ... undoubtedly this strange atmosphere. This is not necessarily scary or fun, it's ... Neutral. It's a confusing atmosphere. I'm still speechless and I do not really know what to make of this atmosphere.
+ Moving to music, if we can call it that "music", this has tormented me for 8 full minutes ... we're hearing a voice, even if it refers to the end of the Race division of the contest, it fits the mood of that environment, which is a kind of "sanctuary".
- The gameplay ... we can not say it's a pure joy, but it still has potential. The sectors are far from being constructed in the form of a joke. Also, the gameplay would have been even more mysterious ... if the level changed at every turn. But I think the players would hate too much change / confusion.
I note that work, I'll have to revisit it

Conveyor Climb Zone by Shadow Hog : 3 / 10
Very difficult level and especially ... lazy, I must admit. It does not take much to make a difficult level.
About thoking Sonics, levels filled with strategically placed walls can prevent a thoking Sonic. Or at least reduce his thok. But...FORCE Knuckles in a level just for him ?
+ I can compliment the mechanism, though perhaps it already existed in ERZ ... but that's it. After that, players can perhaps save time by falling into a death pit after a checkpoint, go back to the top and do a big flight without stoping.
- Textures are ERZ, that's all ...

Hot Chocalate Manor by Katmint : 4 / 10
ChoCAlate ? Maybe an error ?
This has almost the same problem of Aphotic City, it's really narrow...
+ The theme looks great, I'm pretty sure that if you make the passages bigger, then it will be more fun to play though this theme. I rarely see these textures (disco textures), and the music just looks to "Chocolate".
+ The flame makes the level harder (positive). I did this level with Tails, so I don't know about Sonic, but the part with increasing square sectors should be evil if Sonic got hurt by these flames... he dies in the deepest floor of the manor. (negative).
- I don't know about you, but chocolate doesn't hurt me. Excepted if you did for the gameplay.

Phew, this was a long night of analysis, I'll go to sleep now.. SP reviews should be better than the last reviews, and I'm sorry about that, I got really tired ~
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