Nintendo is Lazy and You Don't Care: Interesting Article

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You know what's funny? I read it and thought "I guess they're right, but NSMB Wii is still fun." Then I realized that that was the article's point.


Its a shame this article has truth in every word. I LOVE Nintendo to bits, and their games are very fun and some of the epics (Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) have great graphics. But the epics are indeed far and between, and the rest of the games Nintendo is dishing out aren't as fun, don't look as good and don't have the same qualities that make the epics so good, since there is less concentration on these titles... It makes me sad. The Wii's lackluster hardware makes me sad too, but I won't go on about that.


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Waluigi has only appeared in Mario spin-offs thus far so I doubt Nintendo would've strayed off that route and included Waluigi as a playable characther in NSMB Wii. I'm kind of glad Peach isn't a playable characther though. What princess would she save, Daisy ? And even then, I don't think Nintendo would allow Daisy kissing Peach after you beat the game (even though me and you would both like to see that).


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Most people would have noticed Nintendo was lazy by the time they recycled Mario the fourth or fifth time.


Isn't this the same guy that was defending Nintendo for doing all these things months ago...? Didn't he also complain the NSMB was in a red box? :P


You know, while this article is interesting, I'd really like to argue that there was never a day this was not true, for almost any successful game developer. Taking shortcuts and making cuts is what all developers have to do in order to meet deadlines and make a proper game.

Would I prefer NSMBWii have epic, gorgeous graphics that push video gaming to their limits and still have the gameplay that they have? Of course.

Will that ever happen? Not a chance. I at least appreciate that they're spending their focus on the things I do care about, such as good gameplay, than worrying about the graphics. If they can reuse things to let them spend time on other things, why not do that? Majora's Mask uses Ocarina of Time's engine almost entirely, as well as a large amount of OoT's art aspects, yet I don't think anyone here is going to say they're "lazy" and they should have recoded the game from scratch. Reusing old material where it makes sense is just a good idea from pretty much every standpoint. Because they already had a lot of the art aspects they needed, NSMBWii was probably finished astronomically faster than it would have been otherwise. Otherwise we'd all be sitting here complaining that Nintendo didn't provide anything good at all this holiday season instead of whining about reused art aspects.


I just read the article and yeah, it totally rings true. I'm not mad that Nintendo has opted to make more casual, more cheaply-produced games - It's titles fitting that description that hooked my dad and grandfather on the Wii - but I am a little worried that they're making so many of these titles in-house. Aren't these types of games traditionally the realm of budget third-party developers?

Oh, yeah. Nintendo would be missing out on a ton of easy money if they gave up on that market.


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I think the "you don't care" part is what I find most relevant. Frankly, I'm so sick of hearing long endless complaints about Nintendo that I'm nearing the point where I don't bother criticizing the games because the drama that comes because of it is really not worth it... especially if in the end it doesn't make much of a difference what I do and don't buy. Basically I almost feel the same way about Nintendo as I do about Sonic, except that Nintendo probably deserves the benefit of the doubt more.


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Eh, I'm starting to cut them a bit of slack. I recall reading that Nintendo acknowledged their shortage of blockbuster games, and how it has hurt their profits. I'll most likely be getting Galaxy 2. If it turns out to be at least as good as the first Galaxy, I'll be happy. By purchasing only these kinds of games, I'm telling them, "Yes, I like what you've just produced. Give us more of this instead of that other stuff." I would like to encourage other people who are dissatisfied with most of the Wii's lineup to do the same. Hopefully this will be enough to get them back on track.
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