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I'm sure you've heard about him on Discord, but may I present to you...

4:3! Generic name, I know...

He is actually pretty good with rings, as you can see here. First character that does this to my knowledge.

So if you have a few rings and somebody takes all of the rest, you can distribute the rings to the rest of the players. Pretty neat, huh?

Now, he is slow, and can fly with his legs (he's robotic, it won't hurt.) Water can help you navigate even further upwards.

Anyways, I'll just let you play it for yourself. There's even a little easter egg if you go to the bottom of the wad and open up "origins.png".

Bonus feature: He adds compatibility for characters with a colon ":" in their name.

You can point out any bugs by replying to this thread.

---Replaced the BSoD with an error message, and renamed the wads. If you don't want the error, you can load 4by3-no-errors.wad.


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You keep saying he's 4:3 but the monitor is not actually a 4:3 ratio...

Still, it works, so welcome to releases!
I love playing with this character, it makes co-op and multiplayer in general a more fair experience, along with being just a nice character to look at, but my Computer-OCD is triggered when looking at the BSOD - it's too...simple...

An idea I have is that I could sadistically make a more accurate BSOD and replace the sound with a fake audio buffer, perhaps loop the first note of the Game Over theme to startle a player if so desired; I could actually modify the real Blue Screen message and modify the stop code to seem like it's part of the character, and screenshot it, but that's just my thoughts.

All in all, a simple character, with simple things that give other players a more larger role to help out others, like a medic.


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Xelork: If your character has a colon in their realname variable, 4:3 adds support for that.

Romio: It's funny that you mention that, because you should look at the prefix next time. Still made me laugh...