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Neo Classic Sonic progress thread (delete thread)


You could take a page from the old CD Sonic mod's book and add emerald abilities except they are from the upcoming game sonic superstars
bro is making ever version of sonic into srb2?
if so and ur gonna make riders sonic dm me so we can collab LOL
Maybe the standing sprites can have his arms tucked in by his stomach because that's how it always was with classic sonic games.


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I swear, this man is making every Sonic.
Next thing you know, he's gonna be making his own Sonics— (/j)
Although it's true that vanilla SRB2 Sonic is technically already Classic Sonic, his darker blue color and slightly taller(???) stature kinda makes it look like a "Modern-Classic" Sonic.
This Sonic is literally so adorable, I wanna hug him.

(...Man, I wanna hug a lot of things—)

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