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N64 Promo Mario Trio - Mario, Luigi, and Bowser jump out of the page to serve dust to the competition!

Here's a holiday sampler: 3 N64 characters right from the promotional magazines you've come to know and love (or not, we can't blame you). They're here--customized karts and all--to race for first in the world of SRB2Kart! So get your Nintendo 64 controllers ready for some classic N64 fun!

Character roll call:

The well-known Jumpman himself, Mario!
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The cautious, but loyal brother, Luigi!

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When I saw this, I thought vanilla srb2 finally had a mb playable Luigi lol. But regardless, It's pretty cool! I'm definitely playing Luigi a lot.

Cyan Later!

It's pretty interesting comparing this to the MK64 char pack as while it mainly focuses on promo characters, it's really executed in such a neat way that they are bigger and have 8 direction turning. Recoloring Bowser though is so off putting not in a bad way, which makes sense as his skin tone was a bit inconsistent during that era.

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