Mr. Triangle 3D: Xmas Demo

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UPDATE:Emergency bugfix. Level design not changed.

This is the first demo of my level pack, Mr. Triangle 3D.

The first zone has gotten numerous improvements, as well as a remade boss arena. It also has act 1 of the 2nd zone, Mechaflower.

It also features an unlockable
Christmas Mode. Obviously based on SRB2's old feature, it makes the levels Christmas themed.

(Still no custom characters or sprites yet because i'm lazy)


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MAP04 and its Christmas counterpart don't have thok barriers. As soon as you fix that, this is good to go.

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I just played this level pack. I have a few things to say, and I know this is an early beta, but I'm gonna be blunt.

First off, the level pack isn't bad, but it's not good either. I did encounter a few problems in the levels.

In Green Valley Zone 1, the water in the section where the player begins does not have any grass edges like in Greenflower Zones 1 & 2. Be sure to add some to make it resemble a pond. The area ahead where the player starts feels a bit confusing, and the platforms help, but not much. After the bridge, the player enters the spiral grass staircase that feels cramped. There is also a massive texture repetition in the cave that the player has to go through. My suggestion for this is to add some grass, rocks, or other cave-like textures that break this pattern. The staircase in this cave suffers from the same problem. In act 2 of Green Valley, this part where the player rides springs feels empty. The underwater section where the water block and the grassy texture are a bad combination. In the last area, it feels empty. In act two, these two areas are empty and have a small lack of aesthetic features.

In the beginning of Mechaflower, the starting area has a massive texture repetition. Later on in the level, one of the underground sections has a lava section where it suffers from the same problem as seen in the beginning of the level, and while I'm on the subject of lava, it is not solid.

The other thing I've noticed about this demo level pack is that there's a lack of checkpoints, which makes it frustrating for the player.

Like I said before, this level pack has some promising features, but it needs some improvements.

Update:Emergency bugfix. An SRB2 update broke flats and made them display redflr. Level design has not been changed.

Also an update that does change level design will probably be released soon.
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