Moth SRB2 Spammer and Server Crasher

Found a guy called sigma and he started spamming the n word, also moth came back on someone called ultimates sever
Sigma is moth .moth chages hes name a lot also guys if someone spams the n word it's moth.
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So here's my story:

I first encountered Moth in the Vanilla server.
Me and every player were just enjoying the game until moth joined in and started spamming words like: "F*CK EVERYONE" "I HATE THIS SERVER" and of course he spammed the n word. Later he/she was banned by the developer of the vanilla server, but Moth had a VPN which means he could join the server again even if he's banned. The developer of the server kept banning Moth. Then Moth got tired of rejoing and rejoing so he decided to give up. Then i never seen him again

Second Encounter:

Do yall know the server that its about surving zombies? Yeah moth once joined in and started to keep vote kicking a player named "GOLDEN BOY" he did that nonstop. Everyone would always vote "No" because they are thinking that GOLDEN BOY did nothing at all. The developer of the zombie survival later joined the server and banned moth. But moth didnt use the VPN to rejoin the server even if he's banned.

Aaaaand... this is my 2 moth encounters inside servers.
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i have encountered moth 2 times. the first one was server like i said he spammed the n word and r word. and the second one was the last server i hosted i call that history the incident of 20/03/2022
the server was great *with 0 people* till people started to join i was fine but some hackers started to add mods that breaked the game and a person named "randomdude" joined and started saying "F*** THIS SERVER" "THIS SERVER IS FULLY OF N****S" and other bad stuff and later the server crashed because of the gamebreaking mods and the fast spam in the chat
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Just encountered Moth and he behaved as expected.
He have lots of alts. So many to keep track of.
However it seems he always use the same fews IP ranges.
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i was at mint's server and moth was lagging the server (not ddosing)
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here is some footage of a moth raid in mints server
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I found someone on the server and they were literally called the n word


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thankfully they got kicked so now the server is fine

I recommend to everyone afflicted to use juggy's jug of tools and configure it toyour needs.
Also if you're running a 24/7 server It's good to have trusted users to act as administration for these situations.

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