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Modern Knuckles

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Omw to get Pizza Rolls
I already have! It's Top Secret though! Meaning me and the government are the only ones who have access to the Ability Documentation. :ohsnap::ohsnap::ohsnap:

TL;DR: I have abilities planned, but It's a secret until I get a coder to script the abilities, so watch out for that!
Please don't rush people who make free stuff in their spare time! They have jobs and families to worry about first.
BTW can you PLZ complete him fast , I wanna play as the "modern team"
First of all rude, rushing me won't speed up development, it'll just demotivate me in fact, second of all, don't spam emojies.
Hey! Ive seen the revamped sprites n skills you and your friend are making. THEYRE AWESOME!!! Keep the good work up, i cant wait to see it running on our phones! No pressure tho 🌝
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