Maimy, the Rosy Robot

Maimy, the Rosy Robot Hotfix

it would be so cool to be ponic and fails in srb2 but... not many abilities i can think of for those characters unless its just ponic, but some of his abilities include fails! like some thing where ponic throws fails or something. idk.
small bug: after a macevault, maimy retains ability to damage enemies even after leaving roll frames


this can be fixed easily by adding PF_NOJUMPDAMAGE once the roll ends
Just wanna throw an idea out there: Her ball AOE should be much smaller, at least imo. As of right now her spike ball AOE can currently hit the CEZ3 from the top of the cage. (Im in godmode for this btw so I can stand up there)


Otherwise, love the mod, easy 9/10
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If Maimy were pink, I would've been given Metal Amy vibes.
W A I T -

Also, I'll call Maimy the Eggscailbur killer for now, as with her it's so easy to defeat Eggscalibur (yes, in Zone Builder it's called that) using that spikeball shockwave.
uh sorry i just have a problem and im wondering if anyone can help me out? for some reason i cant use the mace, also maimys green for some reason. is there anyway to fix this? ive already redownloaded the mod 3 times so thats not it
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