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This one's a bit strange but it's been bugging me for hours now so I wanna get it over with

I remember porting a 1.09.4 mod to 2.2 in like, 2020 (Credit to Dirk for the insta-shield lua I shoved in there)
It was literally just Sonic 3 sprites hastily edited but the thing is, I can't find a single trace of the og mod anywhere on the internet.
I have a vague memory of getting it on GameBanana but when I checked nothing showed up, even on Google there's just. Nothing.

It's a silly mystery for sure but if anyone could help me get any more info on it I'd be happy to have some closure (FYI; The name isn't a typo, he really was called Sonik)


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I remember back in 2.1 downloading a Kirby wheelie rider mod, the character was very uncontrollable and i could barely beat any stages with him. Now every time i try to look for the mod nothing appears. If someone can help me find the mod that would be great
I edited this for 1.09.4, credit goes to Dr.Pepper for the mod.(OUTDATED EDIT)


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Made a new recreation of blaze + found the OG wad for the sol emeralds for 1.09.4


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So uhh... A little update on robloxian.

I've asked the creator of the mod for some information about the wad and he basically told me that it was made in the early days of 2.1 as a model for Sonic, but then he made it as a different character.

Sorry if this comment was useless i just felt like i needed to post something in here :dramahog:
Managed to find this lost SRB2JTE wad somewhere.
It was made by fawfulfan back in the day, you can read about its history in his personal Wiki page.
You can also find videos of it on YouTube.


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An old, lost wad I read about recently is Lightbulb Factory Zone by JTE in 2005, scmrt_lightbulbfactory.wad (an earlier version went by LightbulbFactory.wad, and an edit as lightbulbfactorydiffermusic.wad). Which was apparently pretty advanced for its time
pv2's description of the level and its bossfight (from the SRB2 Discord 11/19/17):
JTE, man
Before he started doing source code modding, he made lightbulb factory zone and its custom boss
Objectively, it's not a super stellar level or anything good (very excellent for the time though), but its the technical complexity of the thing that makes it stand out
not just the custom enemies or boss either, he did some neat shit with linedefs. each had two HP, and had proper flashing time and, again, would burrow down and be invulnerable until they popped up again
in 1.08
When they were all defeated, some speedy buzz would shoot out that would be trailing harmful smoke particles, and the music would change
when you killed the buzz, the exit would open and you could leave
Additional thingies: the arena had crisscrossing, slightly elevated conveyor belts leading in to harmful walls, a spiked ceiling, and on hard mode the gravity fluctuated in strange ways
The turrets themselves were accomplished in part by overwriting the eggslimer
in part to get his hardcoded flashing time, and in part because there was some action which was used to time a specific flags switch which could make them invulnerable and then not
The rest of us would start doing those kinds of hacky things years and years later... action parameters gave a lot of breathing room to explore, but JTE was right there doing it from the start
...and he leveraged it to make a genuinely unique feeling and fully fleshed out fight
There was an older multiplayer focused pack back in the final demo era by Jazz called Jazz Attack. It was a pretty high quality collection of maps for the time and it's a shame it seems to be lost
SRB2 Link Mod, best with headphones and 100% volume.
This is a lost Wad I found.
I have this one
This is a lost Wad I found.


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