Lost Wads

This one's a bit strange but it's been bugging me for hours now so I wanna get it over with

I remember porting a 1.09.4 mod to 2.2 in like, 2020 (Credit to Dirk for the insta-shield lua I shoved in there)
It was literally just Sonic 3 sprites hastily edited but the thing is, I can't find a single trace of the og mod anywhere on the internet.
I have a vague memory of getting it on GameBanana but when I checked nothing showed up, even on Google there's just. Nothing.

It's a silly mystery for sure but if anyone could help me get any more info on it I'd be happy to have some closure (FYI; The name isn't a typo, he really was called Sonik)


  • VCL_Sonik_V1.pk3
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I remember back in 2.1 downloading a Kirby wheelie rider mod, the character was very uncontrollable and i could barely beat any stages with him. Now every time i try to look for the mod nothing appears. If someone can help me find the mod that would be great

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