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LJ Sonic's WIP thread

Just a single-room level experiment which didn't lead anywhere:
Another unfinished level I attempted making last year, neither particularly terrible nor particularly good.

If you're wondering why the monitor placement feels so random, that is because I was updating and rehosting it every half an hour or so, thus I was placing random temporary items and various hangout-like details for players to kill the time until the next update.
Probably the reason it can sometimes feel closer to a hangout place than a typical single player level.

It has been over two months since my last post, so I think it is about time I presented to you the progress I made during that time!
Here is a drawing of my dog (it's unfinished):
A mini hangout map I made today:

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Given how small that one is, I guess I am just going to upload it here. Although it is not a WIP technically, but well.


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