Linux and macOS Ports

For some reason it's installing the version 2.1.24 instead of the last one -2.2.3.

What version are you using? I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 and unfortunately Victor has updated everything up to 19.10 but he forgot about 20.04. I messaged Rob to get in touch with him, so yeah... keeping my fingers crossed.
Geez, I guess we only have to wait. Though before the update I couldn't get anything of the game - now I'm getting version 2.1.24 which is a little better than nothing.
~Ubuntu 20.04.
I found out that SteelT is responsible for the PPA. Poked him. Hope this gets the stone rolling! :D
It says that it can't find the SRB2 package when I try to install it.

I assume you are using Ubuntu 20.04. SteelT still didn't make a build for it despite I asked him over a month ago. I suggest you get wine and download the Windows version, it works flawless for me.
As of July 9, 2020, we've ended support for the Launchpad PPA. The current packages may be deleted in the future.

Ubuntu Focal (20.04) and later versions will not be supported by the PPA. SRB2 v2.2.5 and later releases will not be available on the PPA.

Follow the Official Discord for the latest updates on Linux support.
You may get a message that states SRB2 is not allowed to run...You can run SRB2 by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy

You can actually right click on the icon and click open, and you can allow it to open from there without needing to go into System Preferences.
I'm pretty sure mostly everyone knows this.
im very disapointed

i love srb2 but its getting so hard to get new versions such as srb2 kart witch got a new version at least put srb2 kart or even srb2 for linux please
As a Linux user who compiled from source, it took me a bit to figure out how to even compile SRB2 Kart, let alone SRB2 (Both from the same repo). I eventually got the games working as they should.
I can't get the compiled versions (srb2kart) to work with Discord for multiplayer. Do I need extra commands to build it?

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