Linux and macOS Ports


Linux and macOS Ports

Linux Port

JULY 9, 2020 UPDATE: We have ended support for the Launchpad PPA. Please follow the Official Discord for the latest updates on Linux support.

You are welcome to build SRB2 from the source code. Download a copy of the source from GitLab, and see Source code compiling from the SRB2 Wiki.

macOS Port

Download the macOS DMG Installer here.

When the DMG image is finished download, double-click on it to mount it. To install SRB2, click and drag the SRB2 icon to the Applications folder or a location of your choice.

Your game data and mods will be located in your home folder: "~/srb2"

If SRB2 is not allowed to run:

You may get a message that states SRB2 is not allowed to run.


You can run SRB2 by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy


Click on "Open anyway".

If that prompt doesn't show up, you may need to select "Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers". Then try running the program again and open this settings page again to trigger this prompt.
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The Mac version won't open. It installed perfectly but unfortunately when I open the application the game doesn't start. The only thing that pops up is "Sonic Robo Blast 2 quit unexpectedly".
not sure how specific this issue is but i feel i should mention it for potential documentation. when i first installed srb2 on my laptop running xubuntu, it wouldn't start at first. running the executable just gave me nothing but running it from the terminal told me i was missing the 'libpng16' dependency so i had to enter 'sudo apt-get install libpng-dev' in the terminal to install that dependency and srb2 ran fine afterwards. i'm assuming other distros might come with it out-of-the-box or something but for anyone else in the position i was, that should fix it.
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Hi, thank you for the new release! I've tried to install it on my Debian Sid (which tried to act as Ubuntu Focal), but that wasn't available, so I changed to Eoan, but the libopenmpt dependency couldn't be found. I try to go back version by version, editing the sources.list.d file, and it finally worked with Cosmic... which actually had SRB2 2.1. Oops?

On one hand, I think there's a Debian-specific issue due to it calling the package "libopenmpt0" in its official repos instead of "libopenmpt". On the other hand, I've already seen someone else dealing with a similar issue in Ubuntu Eoan. What could be done here, then?

Thank you in advance! ^_^

P.S.: hey, if any forum admin is there, would it be possible to change my username, please? Just saying...
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Can the person in charge of distributing the Linux port please please PLEASE distribute separately for Debian instead of relying solely on the PPAs? Or at least as an AppImage? Ubuntu PPAs aren't meant to be used with standard Debian! Using the PPA on Debian installations can lead to broken packages, which will ultimately result in a FrankenDebian!
DontBreakDebian - Debian Wiki said:
Repositories that can create a FrankenDebian if used with Debian Stable:
  • Debian testing release (currently bullseye)
  • Debian unstable release (also known as sid)
  • Ubuntu, Mint or other derivative repositories are not compatible with Debian!
  • Ubuntu PPAs

Source: DontBreakDebian - Debian Wiki
Hello! Is there an estimate on when the latest version 2.2.2 will be ported to Mac OSX?

I only recently played this game for the first time a few weeks ago (2.2.0) and I absolutely adore the game and I'm very eager to play with the new Simple controls.

Thank you to the people who have put the work in doing this for our enjoyment! I appreciate this!!
The problem with a 2.2.2 Mac port is actually a lack of anyone on the team able/willing to build it. It sounds dumb on the surface, I know, but there are two very good reasons for this.

1) Lack of 32-bit support. This is huge, and the only guy on the team with a Mac doesn't want to upgrade his OS for that reason, meaning that a 2.2.2 build might not be able to be run on current Mac software.

2) SRB2 64-bit build has a weird bug we can't identify the cause of, but it outright will not generate crash reports. The attempts to figure out why have failed to result in any success. The obvious problem here is that we can't actually properly support a 64-bit build because we can not solve problems that come up with it without those reports.

I've been asking around for anyone I know who might have a Mac and the ability to make a build so we can at least release the 64-bit build with a disclaimer of "Don't report bugs using this, we can't support this properly" but the amount of people I know who own a Mac, nevermind the technical skills to actually make a workstation and build the game, is very small.
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PPA builds are ported to 2.2.2 since the day following Windows release. Support for some versions can be dropped so that must be the cause.
Not sure if this info will be helpful to anyone, but maybe some tech-savvy Mac users can make their own build until an official version is available.

I managed to build 2.2.2 on macOS Catalina, using SDL2 frameworks and installing any other dependencies with homebrew.

But for the moment, you have to disable GME in src/CMakeLists.txt Line 223.

To use the SDL2 and SDL2_mixer frameworks, in src/sdl/CMakeLists.txt change line 151-164 to:
		find_library(CORE_LIB CoreFoundation)
		target_link_libraries(SRB2SDL2 PRIVATE
			"-framework SDL2"
			"-framework SDL2_mixer"
	        set_target_properties(SRB2SDL2 PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS "-F/Library/Frameworks")

Although only the OpenGL renderer works. But that's the only renderer I ever use, so I'm happy with it.
Cheese—are you on our Discord server? We have a Mac-users channel there with Catalina users who would love it if you could share your build with them. I have been sending them builds from my machine, but they do not work on Catalina as I am running Mojave. I can walk you through packaging the application into an installer. Ping me if you are online there!
Patiently waiting for the build for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa. Can anyone poke the person responsible for the PPA - which I assume is Victor?
Patiently waiting for the build for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa. Can anyone poke the person responsible for the PPA - which I assume is Victor?

I didn't realize those were different -SRB2 builds for Ubuntu-. I thought they are were the same and that it incompatible with Ubuntu because the last update broke something... I guess I gotta wait for the devs [surely Victor] to update it then...

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