Level Select Icon Tutorial

Level Select Icon Tutorial

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Level Select Icon Tutorial - How to make LSIs the painless and easy way! (Works with Kart too!)

Level Select Icons are something taken for granted by a lot of map creators. They are surprisingly hard to create too, since outside of screenshotting your work in ZB there's not really a way to get a blank screenshot for the purposes of an Icon. This tutorial will provide you with my easy to follow, fool-proof method on taking screenshots for Level Select pics and then editing them for use within the game itself. After we're done, you too will be a master of the LSI as well!

Step 1...

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but how do i combert it into a Doom Gfx beacause im in the 64x version
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now i know
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So, I converted the map icon to 'Doom GFX (Paletted)' but whenever I did, the map icon showed up like this:

Is there any way to fix this?
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nvm, i fixed it.
color palette was set to 'Existing/Global' instead of 'Sonic Robo Blast 2 (legacy)', whoops.
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