Kirby's dreamland

[Open Assets] Kirby's dreamland SRB2 v2.2

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Kirby's dreamland - This is my first map starting from stages 1 to 5 , you can see my progression on my map making

Hello srb2 i will be submitting a trailer on this soon but you guys can play this by the while
thanks for many tips but sadly i could only make a level pack also this is a reupload of my other recreation
i tired to not change as much of it because i want others to make a kirby srb2 map other than me because i haven't seen much more about kirby in srb2 anymore so please hope everyone enjoys this

have a great day
this map is only for kirby and meta knight
but you could do a challenge for...

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Hello i tried :)
i like it but i have a question will the enemys support the kirby addon or will they not do anything or give random copy abilltys

also i am new sorry if i posted this on the wrong thing
The enemys support the addon as i tried to make sure they give nothing just like the original and some enemys give their own copy ability idk if i explained right....
worst mod to play normally, best mod to speedrun

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