If you could add one new feature to srb2, no questions asked, what would it be?

Single Player Ring Slinger.
Ringslinger today is devalued, but If there was a single player doom like unlockable, with a low emblem requirement, maybe it could reinvigorate interest in the mode, and also get a new single player mode to go along side all the multiplayer ones we have already.
I love a ton of these ideas! I especially like the Dev commentary, Episode Metal and alternate Zone paths leading into new Zones- the last one reminds me a bit of Star Fox and how you can trigger an alternate final level by destroying the wrong asteroid and being sent into a totally different area and "final" boss.
And on the Dev note... I would love to see Dev ghosts for each of the Time Attacks!! It's nice to actually see a result you wanna beat out, and would give Time Attack a little more life.

I know, probably simple ideas myself~ But after trying Marathon Mode and seeing what it has to offer... I'd personally like to see Challenge Runs! Same structure as Marathon Mode, you dive in the full game with 1 life, but you have restrictions placed on you or alterations. A "Hard" mode already exists with Ultimate Mode... but lets get crazy.
How about... Super Mode, where you play as Super Sonic- but you have to tangle with altered levels designed specifically to challenge, drain and outright kill Super? Maybe a Combo Mode, where you're tasked with keeping up an badnik/monitor destruction count for a massive score boost? Let's go even further with a new run for just Fang, where you get better damage VS bosses for long range and/or trick shots? Or something as simple as a Boss Rus- oh, that got made already.

I really like threads like these as they get the creative juices flowing. Wonder what will come next?
This is an interesting question. I'd have to go with an easy way to make content exclusive to Sonic. Right now, it's straightforward to make content exclusive to most characters due to their abilities; for example, breakable floor plus breakable wall for Amy, or a narrow gap plus spikes for Metal Sonic. Sonic is very left out in this regard, and while I have seen ways to make an area exclusive to him using some sort of fancy conveyor belt and crusher shenanigans, those sound very convoluted and seem to require extreme precision to become accessible as Sonic but not as anyone else.

A way to make Sonic-exclusive content could be as simple as a special type of block that can only be broken if he thoks into it, but perhaps with whatever ends up done with his moveset, there could be more clever ways to make content exclusive to him. It could be really fun to have some emblems exclusive to Sonic through level design, not just through definition like how emblems worked before 2.1.
Yeah this would be odd for THIS game but... I would love a ranking system from Adventure 2 and onward. Like I think 2.1 had emblems earned from a high score, those emblems were removed for the main stages but if they where to make a return I would love to see them as ranks.like the NIGHTS levels have emblems from ranks too.

Also I would love to see zone transitions from S3&k and Mania.
Something that's definitely because I played Castle Eggman 1 too many times, more ambient noises, like the sounds of Sonic stepping on grass, hitting a stone wall a bit too hard, muffling when underwater, just anything to turn off the music to and feel apart of the levels.
Chao Gardens...

It kinda blows my mind no game has ever successfully (few have even tried) reintroduced the Chao Garden mechanic. It has so much potential for being just as cool or even better (seriously, a LOT could be done to improve it) that is still untapped.

Not that I'm surprised that it ain't in SRB2, of course! That's a lot of work in the Doom engine! But it's like free money for any commercial game.

The idea of getting to design custom chao race courses sounds fun, too.

Somebody said they were working on that. They had a level posted here that was intended to be used as the garden. So...maybe some day?
The ability to have saves with mods, with it listing under the saves which mods were used and giving warnings if you use those saves without the mods you played them with previously, and allowing for its own separate record attack and such

Then just make it the emblem counts are kept separate and in game play has a small "modded" in the top right corner so as to prevent people from claiming amazing times while keeping their modded file secret (even cropping wouldn't work, you'd need to meticulously remove the modded pixel by pixel and make it look, well, pixel perfect, and that's just for screenshots)
A better reward for all emblems. There's some real difficult stuff you need to undergo to get all of those things. Maybe an unlockable character? Y'know, maybe shadow for the heck of it. At least a final bonus stage or something, something REAALLLY difficult or memey. Oh, and techno legacy should be outright replaced with final demo
A better reward for all emblems. There's some real difficult stuff you need to undergo to get all of those things. Maybe an unlockable character? Y'know, maybe shadow for the heck of it. At least a final bonus stage or something, something REAALLLY difficult or memey. Oh, and techno legacy should be outright replaced with final demo

I do agree, the game needs more rewards for emblems. You unlock a lot of stuff early on, but once you're about midway through completion, it's like a wasteland until you finally get Pandora's Box.
A secret final boss that you unlock with all of the emeralds. Some people say it should be in NIGHTS mode, but I think any boss would be cool, as long as it’s special.

Another thing would be a better reward for getting all the emblems. I spent a very long time getting all of the emblems just to get level select and the ability to use cheats. These are cool things, but I don’t think they are really a worthy reward for getting all of the emblems. At least I enjoyed it, though.

Edit: I just realized the people above me just mentioned the emblem thing
It'd be a Doomsday Challenge Mode: Basically you start the game on ONE LIFE, and immediately turn Super the moment the stage begins, it's basically the Super Form version of Ultimate Mode, and it'd be SO MUCH FUN; it'd be the only way (aside from Pandora's Box) that you could see Super Tails, Super Amy and Super Fang
Bonus Stages from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Collect a certain amount of rings, hit a starpost, and jump into the sparkles once they appear. Maybe there could be original bonus stages instead of the ones from S3&K. Example: this from 2.1
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or you could just unlock everything yourself

ironic as it is that does indeed unlock a cheat menu so we have that already
But unlocking everything is haaaaaaaaaaaaard :(
To be serious for a sec, the "cheat" menu isnt really like the cheats they mentioned. The biggest cheat like feature in it is giving yourself all of the emeralds and enabling the ability to toss rings in normal play. Honestly it would be nice if they beefed up pandoras box a bit.

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