How'd you get your profile picture?

Made it myself! It's the cat who's internet name is Maxwell (i cant remember their actual name), in space, and all if that in a 50x50 picture (which for the purposes of not looking blurry, i resized it to 1000x1000)
Took a YouTube thumbnail and cropped it. I have more!


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I took an image of the Minesweeper sunglasses face, resized and overlapped an image of Mario over it with half opacity. I have had this picture on most platforms since 2019.
Before I started watching South Park, my pfp was a recoloured Tails which I call "Tuna Tails", my main YT channel char.
Now it's just a img with stock South Park Plushies.

i grabbed it from cutting room floor
it's one of the pictures from 2.0's ultimate mode credits, although in the actual game its covered by text the cutting room floor has it without the text covering a lot of it
so yeah.
I didn't have many pictures in my computer at the time, so I picked one of Fang (Nack) the Hunter (Sniper/Weasel) because he used to be my main in srb2. I can't draw in the style of SRB2 yet, but when I do, oh boy... XENOPHANES ADDON TIME!

Edit: Nvm, I changed it to a shot from IDW where he points his gun at Tails
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in that times i use that picture.


Mage from hexen with MLG glasses (I miss mlg memes)

I did it for joke.

But i love trolls the system


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