How'd you get your profile picture?

google images, its the home for many profile pictures...
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my icon is a hornet from daytona usa
I usually draw all my PFPs, and I've changed them before, but right now mine is an MS Paint version of a variation of my main OC, Sero, called Seroface.
Drawn by SeroFox1003 (details corrected by me) to use as CSS art, but I liked it a lot so it's my pfp now.
I installed sonic 3 a.i.r. Played it and this tails image just popped out in my photos
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It looks really cool so i put it as my pfp
Arabic letter in Thuluth calligraphy Waw و
Probably some kind of Ottoman calligraphy
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I just picked eggman of the default profile pictures because he's a funny evil egg. I noticed something funny about his lower hand, too!

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