How long have you been on Srb2?

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On one of the threads, a person told me that being from Version 1.0.4-1.0.8 was not THAT old, and that some people played Srb2 longer. How long have you guys played Srb2, and what do you remeber. What version was it, the sprites the maps???

Anyways, heres my story. One day, when i was around 4 or 5, i was cleaning up my cpu, when i saw a blue head in my documents. I clicked on it, having heard of sonic before. I clicked single player, changed around the controls, and it was pretty good. My parents hated my chatting online (they still do) so i was not in multiplayer. However, i did host on the lan, just to see the other levels. It was not until 109 that i joined my first net game. My favorite match stage zero ring was gone, and my strongest match weapon, the
Rail, was just a, what in the world is this battery for. Anyway, it was not until 2.0 that i started chatting and playing match. Anyway, i am so popular on srb2, not to toot my own horn or anything, but most likely, if you ask a person on srb2, who is *speed-roid*, they would MOST LIKELY know me... So ya.

Btw, theres a lot more to my story, ill finish this another day.
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On one of the threads, a person told me that being from Version 1.0.8 was not THAT old, and that some people played Srb2 longer. How long have you guys played Srb2, and what do you remeber. What version was it, the sprites the maps???
I remember when there was no SRB2 and we only had the original SRB. I think the first time I played SRB2 was once it shifted to Doom Legacy in 2000 or 2001. I didn't really play the original Halloween or Christmas demos until much later. I might have played SRB Christmas when it was new, but didn't mess with the SRB2 TGF until later as well.

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I've known about SRB2 since somewhere in 2006, before 1.09.4 and even the masses of 1.09.3 updates preceding it. As for joining the community properly on the other hand (ie. joining the SRB2MB), that was back in early 2008.

...though for that matter, I recall also helping out with the SRB2 Wiki in places some time before 2008, back when people without accounts could make edits just like Wikipedia itself still does. (I still could have sworn I triggered the creation of most of Mystic Realm's level pages... it's been so long now I can't remember if that could be remotely true)


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I found out about SRB2 on Easter 2008 when me and my cousin were bored and started browsing for freeware games on the website of a German computer magazine. We were originally looking for Super Mario stuff, but when we ran out of things to play, I remembered that there was this other videogame character, "like a hedgehog or something". The only thing we found was SRB2. Because 1.09.4 still had these stupid date-activated secrets and because we had never played a Sonic game before, we thought at first that the goal of the game was to find the easter eggs. We must have spent around ten minutes in GFZ1 going in circles because at this point the star post was more or less obscured by a GFZROCK wall. Eventually we got to the end of the level, realized that easter eggs weren't the goal of the game and got to THZ1 (I think) before the day was over.

My cousin quickly lost interest and never picked the game up again, but I was fascinated and played it again and again, unable to progress beyond the first section of THZ2 for several weeks. I eventually got a little better, finished the game, went to their website and found out that you could download and play custom levels (a good portion of which were then hosted on the main website in a dedicated download section). I also discovered the forum and lurked around there for a while until it was November and SSNTails announced there would be a new version of SRB2 coming out in May. At that point I knew I was going to stay.

I eventually registered a forum account in March 2009 but stopped posting after a few days for some reason. I was around when the shitty April Fools' prank with the "n00bish" board happened, but I don't think I participated. I started posting again in May and got a lot more active when 2.0 was finally released. It was originally slated for July 25th, the day I was going to do on a two-week vacation with no internet access. Luckily for me, SSNTails released it a day earlier, so I played 2.0 the whole night through and spent the subsequent vacation being an annoying brat and wishing I was at home playing SRB2. Since then I've been a regular here, hanging around on IRC all the time and performing various tasks in the community, like moderating this very message board.

tl;dr: known about it for five years, been active for four, and 1.09.4 was the first version I played. If you want to see some real oldbies, look out for people who have "Nov 2003" as their join date: That was when the old message board crashed and they migrated to this one instead, so most of these people have been here for more than 10 years now.


I'd say about 5-6 years (yes that long), with 1.09.4. Didn't play with online mode first though until like hmm end of 2008?
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It was 1.09 when I saw this game first time. I played about half years this game and took a break. 3-4 years later (3 years ago) I found this game again from program files. I watched some you tube videos and taught: What a heck is Egg Rock and why don´t I have it? Then I re-downloaded this game. And it was 2.0.5 with ERZ.

That means: ½ years + 3 years = 3½ years
I think I have played this 3½ years
(or 6-7 years. I just played Track Mania when the 3-4 years break. NOT SRB2)


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I've known about SRB2 since around early 2005 or so. I believe 1.08 was the latest release at that time, and I found it while looking for good Sonic fangames on the web.


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From 1.04, not 'nuff said because I joined the forums when 2.01 came out.


Very interesting story sprit crusher. I remeber when you are
Hosting a net game, the map pic never existed, only the title of the map. Also, how did you become moderator <using a phone so no spelling>?
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Ha, brings me back. Around 2007, my mom took the me to the optician
[*], and I ended up not being able to see crap for a good few hours. Everything was so damn blurry. So, as some sort of compensation, my mom took me to a videogame store and bought a CD full of several games. Of course, I couldn't read the list, but Sonic was in it, I knew it, the back of the CD case had a picture of Sonic Adventure DX(or, a blue dot on a large brown line with a black giant dot on the back as I saw it), and, hey, it had several games, why not try something new for once.

When my vision fully restored itself the next day, I could read the list and, sure enough, Sonic Adventure DX was there. But, there was another game that caught my attention... "Sonic Final". I, being just a dumb boy, got really excited, like, "Holy damn, the end of Sonic already!? Can't wait to play it!". A couple of hours later, cue SRB2's main theme. Played it several times, I really liked it. But I could never get over the fact that Knuckles looked like pure shit and when he walked he looked like he was skating or something.

Looking back, the version I played that day, and kept playing until I lost the CD, got internet and downloaded a more recent version, was Final Demo 1.08. I know it was that one, as it had the Chaos gamemode, all Knuckles sprites were of ugly Knuckles(except standing and dead), you could multi-glide, and the Zim.WAD was there. What a shame that the Chaos gamemode didn't make it to newer versions of SRB2, I always found it fun to just fight hordes of robots by myself, dunno why, it was really fun.

[*]You know, the doctor that examines your vision. I didn't know the English word for that one, so I had to Google Translate it. If the translation is incorrect, please tell me.


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I first played SRB2 back in 04-05, during version 1.08. I remember playing plenty of splitscreen with my brother back then. I also lurked the MB some during that time as well, though I never downloaded any of the mods at that time.

After dropping out for a few years, I found SRB2 again after browsing some of my old favorite sites in 2007. Shortly after that, I downloaded 1.09.4, and shortly after that, I started mapping. I then joined the MB at the end of October to enter the Sept/Oct07 contest, and promptly failed. Badly. I got better, though. I didn't start joining IRC till I found out about the 1.1 match beta. After that, I stuck around there.

Man, I'm OLD. x_x


They needed moderators, so they asked me (and MonsterIestyn).

You can just ask the people, and they give it to you? Of course, I would not be able to handle such a responsibility, considering I am creating my level pack "The Makes" Which needs a lot of work.

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I know it was that one, as it had the Chaos gamemode, all Knuckles sprites were of ugly Knuckles(except standing and dead), you could multi-glide, and the Zim.WAD was there.

I remeber the zim.dta. Not wad by the way. The taunt. I forgot who, I think Prime 2.0 did, but he made a Zim.wad here, made with full HD. Somone also made the old knux sprite. Zim is found here. Also, I have to agree with you, Chaos was not THAT bad, but there should be maps specificly for the gametype, loaded with crawlas and stuff. Also, the multiglide is still in 2.0, only knux has to be super for that.

Also, this is compltely unrelated, but I am testing to see how to make a spoiler box.


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You can just ask the people, and they give it to you? Of course, I would not be able to handle such a responsibility, considering I am creating my level pack "The Makes" Which needs a lot of work.
No, they asked me. Had I asked them, they would have just said no.


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I feel like a right noob. I've only started to play SRB2 properly for a year. Perhaps a little longer.

First time I played it though was in 2004 I think. I couldn't beat THZ back then because I was a kid and sucked at games.

Afterwards I remember getting the game again in 2011 to have a go and finding it much easier, and playing online a few times. Then I stopped playing again.

Finally in late 2011, I got the game once more and have been playing online and stuff ever since. Hardly touched it in 2011, hence why I said a sole year.



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I was about 8 when I first saw srb2 it was during 1.0.9 or so, then I left then came back when I was 12 and I played it until now so about 2 and a half years.
Even though I can barely be considered part of the community (despite loving the game itself) I guess I can share my own story as well.

I'm pretty sure I discovered SRB2 around spring or summer 2008. I found it by specifically asking on a forum somewhere if anyone knew of any good 3D Sonic fangames, and SRB2 was basically the only answer anyone gave.

I was told that it was only a "small demo" of the game, and since most "small demos" of Sonic games are usually either one-act zones or just a single room to play around in, I began SRB2 with that expectation. Since I also started the game by playing as Knuckles (ugly-sprite version), I completely missed the weird corner in GFZ1 that hides the end of the stage from view from above, so the first 20-25 minutes of my SRB2 experience consisted of me climbing walls, having a blast just gliding around, fiddling with the control scheme, being impressed by the hidden monitor under the bridge, and trying to get used to accurately hitting enemies without a homing attack. It was only when I decided to try to collect every ring that I realized that I had somehow missed an entire section of the stage, and when I passed the goalpost and found myself moving onto Act 2...well, I facepalmed myself pretty hard. After that I continued until I beat the game (likely all in the same sitting, but I can't remember).

I played the game periodically after that trying to get used to Sonic but always ending up reverting back to Knuckles. I tried Tails too but hated him. And unlike Sonic (who I eventually learned to love and now play as exclusively) I still hate him. He's by far the character I find the most difficult to play, which is weird considering how he's supposed to be the easiest. He's helpless when he flies, and I feel helpless because I feel I can barely control his direction or momentum. Playing him like Sonic doesn't work because Sonic is useless with the thok, and playing him like Knuckles doesn't work so well either because he can't hurt enemies when he flies and he has no way to recover if you do a poor flight and run out of energy or when...okay, I'm getting way off topic here.

Anyway, a year later 2.0 was released, and despite having never downloaded a single WAD or even played online, I was one of those rabid idiots declaring "They changed it, now it sucks!" With the benefit of years hindsight, I can safely say that I have absolutely no fucking idea what my state of mind could have been that I thought 1.09.4 was better than 2.0+. Maybe it was that I still wasn't that good at the game so I was pissed at all the new levels that were kicking my ass. Or, hell, I dunno, my main was still Knuckles so maybe it was just that I was annoyed that his jump height was reduced.

Anyway, that's my story. It's been five years so far (a piddling amount of time compared to some people here, I know) and I don't see myself giving up on this game until I see the day where we celebrate its completion.

If nothing else, SRB2 has certainly taught me the virtue of patience.


This topic makes me feel like a dinosaur.

I've been playing SRB2 since at least 2003. Version 0.70 or some shit, it was before (or during?) the initial Final Demo patches were being tossed around. I found it browsing SFGHQ back when it was actually about Sonic fan games, rather than a gathering of people constantly trying to make new game engines.

I remember wishing I knew how the game worked and wondering what it'd be like when it was finished. I had no idea at the time that I'd wind up actually working on the game 10 years later. =P
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