How did you get your Username...

...My older brother called himself Mr.flash55 way back when in 2008.

Back then I wasn't creative, being so young, so I took it for myself, replaced "Mr" with "Dr", and took out the period so that it would be called "Drflash55".
No one gets us confused nowadays, because he now calls himself FoobyDude, inspired by Fooby the Kamikaze Watermelon, from The Demented Cartoon Movie.
My name is Jesse, so I replaced the R in Redacted with a J because it sounds neat.
When I first played netgames I didn't have a name so I just named myself "zany"
Then i decided to merge it with my normal name "Rabbsational" and boom
An old computer that I used to mess around with back in the 90s. I can emulate my old Mac now on Windows 11 which is awesome.
My name came out when I was doing a Google Play account, since Tails is my fav character, I wanted something to represent that, so, Prower, and then I wanted to add the year he was born (1992), but Google Play wouldnt let me create the account with 1992, so i just changed the 2 to a 3.
my name is both referenced from Hivolt (Megaman ZX) and a part of the words from the song City Escape (specifically, the beginning, rolling "around" at the speed of sound)
I like space.
Andromeda is a Galaxy.
Galaxies are in Space.
Plus, the name Andromeda Sounds cool.
As a cultural guy I thought of having unique username
Hang Tuah being famous Malacca Warrior in Malaysia
And from name "Hang Tuah", I ended up having "Prince Tuah"
A professor claimed that the real name of the warrior is not Hang Tuah, but Hang Tuha. A book called "Hikayat Hang Tuah (Tuha)" written in Jawi script (Arabic adopted to Malay language that time), and it spelled the warrior as هڠ توه. The 'توه' is actually pronounced Tuha, the professor said, but 'tuah' because researchers failed to pronounce the Jawi script properly. And yep, Jawi script actually changed the ways of spellings, since Malay doesn't even have long vowel like Arabic does, so people kinda like figure it out by putting few of alif, waw or ya' on words so people could understand it. Jawi script at first doesn't use alif waw ya' as vowels, but diacritics. And then people get lazy to use diacritics anymore, and then you get the idea. So, توه can be Tuha or Tuah, in classical spelling, but the newest spelling system today (it's still exists tho), Tuha is spelled توها and Tuah is spelled تواه, but توه might ended up being pronounced toh . Tuha توه is related to Tua تو، توا meaning old or maybe head chief or smth, so the warrior sometimes referred to Hang Tua, I guess.

"Prince" for a reason, but I don't feel like talk about it.

Edit: I used Landak Ngah Rajawali, as Ngah is from Malay word 'tengah', meaning middle, meaning technically I am middle, or actually second. I am no sure though why second son in Malay refers to Ngah.
And then I used Rajawali because I thought it sounded cool, and Landak meaning hedgehog, as being a fan to a hedgehog, Sonic (actually because Junio Sonic art style). And then when I searched on Google, I just found out that Rajawali is Buteoninae eagle. I thought it doesn not make sense with hedgehog. So I asked staff, and then thinking of a new neat name, and then I got Prince Tuah.
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I made FishandChips because I no longer wanted the one my dad made for me (it's still used in some places). Mario Wumpus is ironically from a Discord easter egg, I still use it even though I no longer have my og Discord account.
Well, Sero the Fox is one of my main OCs (and one of my Sonic OCs, they're on the right in my pfp), and the 1003 is just something random younger me came up with back when I was named "SonicFan1003" (sonic fan being a very old version of sero and being inspired by seeing people having ocs named after their usernames on roblox).
I use "TheMillenialTeen" or "MillenialTeen" in some cases because 1) it's not limited to just Sero being featured when I have both Sero and Taiko being main OCs and 2) I'm a millennial in a teen body.
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I got mine from my roblox username that im planning on changing if i can
-Back in 2014 i made my username (on my PS4) based on my nickname "Andy" and since i thought it was too short, my sorry ass decided to add "Rag" because i had no idea what it meant since i didn't know how to speak English at the time, i just thought it sounded cool.

-The numbers are a whole different story.

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