How did you find out about the srb2 message board and why did you join?

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The title says the question and yes I did use the search bar, for me as stated in the how did you discover srb2 thread I found out about the srb2 message board via a mod showcase from YouTuber Garrulous64... Is actually what I thought was how I discovered the srb2 message board- I recently remembered that I actually just stumbled upon the srb2 message board via a now gone thread that if I recall correctly was about how much potential there is (was) for Sonic forces but keep in mind that this was actually 2017 so this person was genuinely hyped about Sonic forces but I can't find it anywhere so I'm assuming that it was deleted because of... Y'all already know don't you, all I know for sure is that I most definitely saw that thread around the year 2017.

After a year or two of hyping of the anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure I'll vento d'oro (part 5) and then another year of playing the Xbox 360 version of Terraria (because Duke fishron is a major pain in my ass) I then went over to the srb2 skybase forum and made an account to then make a very pointless contest (that you require an srb2 skybase account to access) I then realized that there was a bigger forum site called the srb2 message board and in which I like huge communities so then... here I am... But I was an idiot when it came to coding (and still am but not as bad) so my first post is very stupid.

Well that's how I discovered the srb2 message board and why I joined.
I actually knew about SRB2 since 2010 (or 2011, not sure), two or three years later I discovered SRB2 MB where I could find more add-ons and put in my 2.0 version. I've never created an account at that time for some reason, now I'm getting much closer by my own and it seems like I did a very cool thing to do!


Around the time I first learned of srb2, didn't join until I started getting into the community.


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First I heard of the game from garrulous64, then i when I tried getting the mods he used, most of the time they leaded me here. Then years later I felt like joining the mb.

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In all honesty I already knew about the message board and, I started back in 2.0 but the things was I just never made an account on the message board, I just downloaded mods.


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I found the thread when searching for characters to play in srb2 kart. I decided to join the community so I could ask questions (and permission) on characters being created. (because I have no idea how to do sprite art)

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