How did you find out about the srb2 message board and why did you join?

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The title says the question and yes I did use the search bar, for me as stated in the how did you discover srb2 thread I found out about the srb2 message board via a mod showcase from YouTuber Garrulous64... Is actually what I thought was how I discovered the srb2 message board- I recently remembered that I actually just stumbled upon the srb2 message board via a now gone thread that if I recall correctly was about how much potential there is (was) for Sonic forces but keep in mind that this was actually 2017 so this person was genuinely hyped about Sonic forces but I can't find it anywhere so I'm assuming that it was deleted because of... Y'all already know don't you, all I know for sure is that I most definitely saw that thread around the year 2017.

After a year or two of hyping of the anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure I'll vento d'oro (part 5) and then another year of playing the Xbox 360 version of Terraria (because Duke fishron is a major pain in my ass) I then went over to the srb2 skybase forum and made an account to then make a very pointless contest (that you require an srb2 skybase account to access) I then realized that there was a bigger forum site called the srb2 message board and in which I like huge communities so then... here I am... But I was an idiot when it came to coding (and still am but not as bad) so my first post is very stupid.

Well that's how I discovered the srb2 message board and why I joined.


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I'm pretty sure I got into SRB2 a few months ago, heard of it but never played or really got into it before then, then I got into it, played it, fell in love with it, then searched "srb2 mods" and found the MB.


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Well... Actually it was on, it was a while before to join the community.
I don't remember exactly why i created this account back on 2019, but then i quickly forgot the account and what i was going to do in that time.

A Year passed and i founded the Message Board again, and when i was about to create the account with the same name... The name was already taken by myself (Something very stupid) and turns out that the password was already copied physically, lmao

The Reasons to join this time it was about of a bug that happens in a popular mod... You guessed right, Frostiikin's Cross-momentum. And the other reason was to join to a English Community to try something new.

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First I knew srb2 from a player in sonic network land ! Tried it online it was hard then i left it
I back to it at end of 2020 and I knew the message board by viewing YouTube videos about add-on characters and .....


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i more or less found the mb when i went to search for mods. i first went to srb2's gamebanana page, and after finding out how illegal it is, and how this place is the ligitamate place to look for mods, well, i went here, and i haven't looked bacc ever since.
as for my account, i was making' a music mod [that i still have yet to finish] and i wanted to release it here, but as all know, the mb was locked so it could switch from vbulletin to xenforo. time passed, and here we are today, with a modernized message board, new themes, and for some reason square pfps.

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I honestly don't know. I just, well, found it. It was a great choice though. even though I got warned/banned a few times. My bad.


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Found out about the message board back in January of last year but didn't make an account until July. Why? I have no idea.

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Wow ripping me off. xD
I joined after looking the game up. :/
Your thread is about SRB2 the game while this thread is about the SRB2 message board specifically so I think this thread isn't copying your thread, anyways I didn't think it would be possible to find out about the SRB2 message board just by doing a google search but alright then.


I found this place way back in 2005 by way of my friend Andy. I met him in a SRB2 netgame, we had begun chatting regularly in an instant messenger (I forget if it was MSN or Yahoo), and he told me something along the line of "did you know there's a forum?"

I feel old.


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I've been here since 2009 and frankly I can't remember how I found this place anymore. Most likely from looking at the sidebar while downloading the game lol


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i just searched srb2 mods then found this i after just tried making an account during the time i had discord and was forced to ask my bro for the anti bot thingy cus i suck at english

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I've known about SRB2 since I think 2014 (Slightly offtopic story, I somehow made my Dad have to factory reset the Home computer, 'cause while playing locally with my younger sister, we somehow closed the game in a way that just deleted the cursor from the computer. It just never showed up again before the factory reset. It ended up making my Dad not let me download anything on the computer that wasn't on something like Steam for a few years), but when I returned to the game around 2017, I found the forums after trying to figure out where everyone were getting their addons from. Though, I didn't make an account until last year, because One) social awkardness, and Two) I've never really actually talked on forums like this until I got here.


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by SRB2 :laugh:

As a person who played SRB2 first on 2008 or maybe even 2007, i found the forums around late 2016, as i used to improve as a player and actually beating the entire game on v1.04 and v2.0.6; then, i searched for something in Google and this appeared, i think it was thanks to the SRB2 Wiki where i searched for information about the game and levels, then saw the variety of articles that were wrotten there, and eventually got to the MB by either checking the mods of the game or just a thread by Callum about the ports of the game to videogame consoles (i can't remember which one was the first though)
Well one day I was browsing yt and found a video called good sonic level design it was about red volcano zone from srb2 and that got my interest as I had owned unleashed and really enjoyed it so I one day got srb2 web played for a while and then got srb2 not web and voila I was now a member of the srb2 community

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