How did you feel after completing SRB2 for the first time?


I was clearly satisfied but then I forgot about the unlockables, and I was told you did not beat a game until you unlock everything:wow:


Ain't I Cool For This
It felt like..... I was eating a piece of cake. When I beat 2.2 I beat it the day I got it.


first time beating the game was getting past castle eggman because any sane person would assume that's the last map on their first playthrough. of course the joy that came after it kicks you into arid canyon is immense
second time beating the game for realz this time on eggrock was mostly a bit underwhelming considering how great the metal sonic race was


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About a month ago, I completed SRB2 for the first time. It was an amazing feeling. How did you feel after completing it for the first time?
I felt pretty good not going to lie...

but... when my game decided to reset itself like 3 times I had to beat it again. When I did I just felt upset and a bit disappointed because I had half the emblems in one of the saves. Good thing I figured out why it reset so I can keep my data :lol:


i wont be online again until 8/6/22
i felt satisfied. the two metal sonic fights (the race and the actual battle) sucked. but the brak was a breeze. once i did all that, i got level select on my file! i felt great! too bad i accidentally deleted the file...
I havent beaten the game without getting all the chaos emeralds because im so good but when i beat the game the first time i was like "ok time to beat the game 6 more times" and then I did and then i got 200 emblems cause im epic and i speedrunned the levels and got the ring emblems and stuffs

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