How did you discover Sonic?

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oh no

i can still admit this game sucks though


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Around the year 2000, when I was roughly 5 years old, I had access to a Genesis emulator with a bunch of ROMs. It had a somewhat weird mix of Sonic games, as Sonic 1 didn't work and Sonic 2 was missing, but luckily Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles worked fine, and I quickly got addicted to those. Other games included Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball and even Sonic Crackers.

The first Sonic game I actually legally owned was either SADX on PC, or Sonic Heroes on Gamecube. From there I played basically every Sonic game that was available on PC, Gamecube, Xbox or GBA, and stopped right before Sonic '06. Since then, the only Sonic game I've played in full is Sonic Mania...


My older brother put me on the Sonic (I wanna say when I was seven/eight yrs. old). If my memory serves me, I started off playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure Director's Cut (DX).



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It was like back in 2012 in quite an unusual way, basically back then I had a Nokia phone that ran games on java, my dad would sometimes download games for me back in the day and we stumbled upon Sonic Advance for java, never knew of it's existance before but it caught my attention and here I am now, being a Sonic fan after having played many more games of the franchise, feels good man.


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I first found Sonic through watching Sonic X on TV way back when I was in preschool. I also had a few of those Mcdonalds promotional LCD games for Sonic Heroes. I didn't really get into Sonic until 2012, when an old friend from school showed me Sonic Shorts on Newgrounds. Seeing that without knowing anything about the series fascinated my Autistic 12 year old brain.
"who were all of these cool looking characters?"
"Why are there like 3 different versions of Eggman?" I wanted to know.
So after playing many flash games and researching the series on Sonic Retro and Sonic News Network, I bought Generations for the 3DS and thought it was amazing. Then I got Unleashed for Wii, and Sonic PC collection.


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It was around 2007 to 2009 during the time my uncle would bring us CDs or DVDs with random games installed, some of the Sonic ones were these fangames:

- Sonic Robo Blast 2 Final Demo v1.04
- Neo Sonic Universe
- Neo Sonic 3: Revelations
- Sonic Adventure: Sunset Coast

Most of the other stuff on the disks were bootleg Mario games lol the best one was Super Mario Bros 3: Mario Forever (an old version before the game started to include sussy stuff that was finally removed on 2017 i think)

Then we got a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo Wii, some of the Sonic games on these consoles (and retro-compatibility with GBA firstly) were the ones i played first, specially Sonic Advance 3, but we also had Sonic Heroes on PC so i don't know which one was the first from the official ones lol

Yet, SRB2 ended up being the one i spent the most time in due to the multiplayer that i discovered on 2016 and the friends i made on 2017


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I played Sonic 1 on a Sega Genesis at a fire department that my dad was once a part of many many many years ago.


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NO WAY i think thiz waz my introduction az well :O !!!!
it waz either thiz, or it waz when we got a zonic pluzhie from a relative & we fell in love right then and there. either way, im very happy to be a part of thiz fanbaze!!!! x]


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i dont exactly remember where it all started but i know it had something to do with YouTube maybe i got a video or two recommended to me all the way back then. i was born in 2005 so i missed alot of sonic stuff at this point so ye. i dont remember much but i remember watching alot of "sonic (game title here) movies" which is the search term i used alot back then but they were just long videos with all the games cutscenes by the one the only TheRealSonicFan! idk how real they are but i remember they're name. i remember liking sonic lost worlds cutscenes alot does that mean i like the game? idk i havent played it yet but by the looks of it idk if i wanna we will see.

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