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Help With Models


so im not a model maker myself, but i want to make some models, i just dont know how to make models, so any help i would accept.

note: i checked youtube for tutorials and there were none


>WTB lamp oil
I can't give a lot of advice, but I do know this!

If you want to develop modelling skills that are generally useful not only for SRB2 but also for other things in the future (definitely recommended! you never know where you might go!) you could try picking up Blender. Blender is a 3d modelling software with a really high skill floor (can be hard to learn it at first) but it's really powerful. You'll be able to make md3s in there, but I can't detail the process for ya I'm afraid!

If you purely only have interest in modelling for SRB2 and don't plan on ever making or editing models for much else, you could try MisfitModel3D. It's a lot more limited and a little easier to pick up, and it will give you everything you need for SRB2 I think, but... it doesn't have so much use in more modern games.

Definitely give it some thought, it's an important question to ask yourself when you pick up a new skill. "Where do I want to go with this in the future?"

Modelling ain't gonna be a cakewalk either way though, it's definitely an art form that will take practice to get good at, but I bet you have it in ya!


I'd tell you to pay attention to the effect the animation gives the player, because some games such as SRB2 have limited frames and it might be tricky to get it looking good but you'll get there!
Try using other's people models for better understanding, after you've learnt the basics, it will surely help you with thearning.


In terms of modeling for SRB2, Misfit is fine, altough there's not a lot of tutorials for it. So if you want to generally learn how to model, I recommend using Blender to learn the basics of modeling, and once you get the hang of it, you can try getting used to how Misfit works and either model directly there, or export models from Blender to Misfit.

Search how to make low-poly models on Blender if that's what you're aiming for, there are a couple of tutorials which pretty much cover the entire process of how to make those kind of models.

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