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Tarregor submitted a new resource:

Harder Enemies - Bosses not included

This mod makes all of this game's non-boss enemies, including even Pointies, Goombas & Shleep, become more dangerous in various ways. For a better experience, use this with Cole207's Boss Plus & Twins'r'Okay's Encore Mode.

Known Bugs:
-Goombas rapidly change colors until you hit them; this constitutes a minor epilepsy warning, I suppose...

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I just spontaneously got outta bed in the middle of the night and decided to check on the mod:
Tarregor updated Harder Enemies with a new update entry:

Day 1 Patch(v1.0.2)

-Made a Spikeball rotate around every Big Floating Mine, Egg Guard, & Buggle until they die
-Made Red Crawlas & Red Buzzes be less fast
-Gave Detons noclip, but made them stop instakilling you
-Made Crushtaceans punch you faster instead of instakilling you with their claws
-Made Lance-a-Bots charge at you more instead of instakilling you with their lances
-Made Minuses wait until they're higher in the air to shoot you
-Made Pyre Flies have flamethrowers instead of fire "bullets", and made...

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cool now the badniks have pinch too
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ooh the SDUR fish explodes ACK im hit
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bruh half the roster explodes
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Tarregor updated Harder Enemies with a new update entry:


-made egg guards stop being big after they kill someone while they're mad
-made pyre flies wait twice as long between shooting their flamethrowers in NiGHTS mode; you'll probably be able to beat encore mode's SS6 now
-changed the means by which jetty-syn bombers drop bombs more often; they probably won't drop a bomb the moment you spinjump them anymore
-made a spikeball orbit around hive elementals

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The flamethrower issue still persist


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Guess I'll just have to make em do something else in NiGHTS encore mode then. I'll probably just disable their flamethrowers there and make them move faster.
bruh half the roster explodes
Only 6 of the game's >40 enemies blow up when they die, or 7 if you count DSZ's depth charges.
I'll see what I can do to at least make BASHes not explode anyway.
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Continung the discussion from my review: I figured you were using your personal judgement on which enemies needed to be changed, since Green Snappers and Pterabytes seemed unchanged, and thus just leaving Skim alone was an option. I still think it ought to be. Plus, Skim's role is as a pseudo-failstate to annoy players who go underwater where they shouldn't have. The buffs it gets here just makes it more annoying, rather than changing up how you deal with them, e.g. making them still a threat to players who are above the water.

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