Glaber's Vote topic Autumn 2020


Emblem Radar Ready
I'm cutting this very close, but here are my votes. There is no video due to getting distracted by working on SRB2 the Past and some other piled on projects.

1. Shadow of Aztlán Zone by akirahedgehog
2. Foliage Furnace Zone by Kanna/Kwiin
3. Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger
4. Gate Garden Zone by Ruberjig
5. Emerald Aether Zone by Krabs
6. Galactic Facility Zone by Mondongo
7. Knothole Coast by Apollyon
8. Dark Marsh by Vixuzen
9. Alabaster Fountain Zone by BronsoKip
10. Hakuryu Dojo by Zaxel (Really did not like the boss)
11. Fatal Factory Zone by Kuba11
12. Square City Zone by Riolucariolu
13. Azlant Ruin Zone by Gambit
14. Overgrown Heights Zone act 2 by InferNOr
15. Aquatic Port by WasifBoomz

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