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General project screenshot/video thread

some sprites for my lightsonic mod.


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I don't want to say that this is something... beautiful? But I think that using this, i can make an interesting and difficult level.
I really like the idea that it can be done to the rhythm of the music.

I just don't have ideas and textures yet.

Hmmm, idea?


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Hmmm, idea?

That right! I already use this music (future) and I was able to tune everything to move to the rhythm. I need to paint textures, but i don't know how to do it.


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it gonna be done soon
im got bored so i mess with gfz1
it green hill flower? zone


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Well, for Kart...

There's more but evidently MEDIA tags are limited to five per post and I'm not going to double post so...been a little busy.

Of note, some of this is beta footage so the map might be (and probably is) different than it shows here. Much of this was initial test vids.
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