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...or Master System. Either one, really. Replaces A_SignPlayer to make a system similar to the prize system from the 8-bit Sonic titles. (Kinda. It's my weird, off-brand, mix & matched style :V)

The rewards happen in this order.
  • Not getting hit at all gives you a 1-up (or 50000 points in Record Attack). The icon is of the character you picked.
  • 50 or more rings gives you a continue (or 10000 points in multiplayer). The icon is of a random other character.
  • Having a ring count that is a multiple of 10 gives you 10 more rings. The icon is of a ring.
  • Otherwise, nothing. The icon is Eggman.

In multiplayer, the prize is given to the person who completed the level.


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I love this. It mainly reminds me of Sonic 2 for the Game Gear, which it should do as that's the main point of this wad. Awesome job Salt! nowsomeonemakethecapsulefromSonic2GameGear

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