Gabriel's Unlabeled Modelpack.

Gabriel's Unlabeled Modelpack. v1.2.2 -- Second Half

GabrielStarMan updated Useless model ever. (MT_Unknown Model) with a new update entry:

The Awesome Unlabeled Models. v1

Hey guys, Gemma's here.

>>wow this looks like a-
Shut up, it's my first time modeling something isn't a simple object.
>>but where are the ro-
I'll do those in a later update of this modelpack.
>>how did you-
I honestly have no idea but i can ask the same, how did i even do this as a novice modeler?
>>i can do better tha-
You didn't read the first message, also that will just make you look horrible in...

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Looking at the (smol) screenshots alone from the update, it honestly looks pretty good, especially for a first-time modeller, dunno why you're being harsh with yourself.

Will definetily download and try it out, as Gemma is on my list of regular characters i always load up on multi-char runs, or on servers i usually play as.
holy shit its you!!1! gabriel from dark's server!!1!1 im katzy from it!!!!1
ultimate cover.png