Frostii votes in the Autumn OLDC: The movie: The game


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Foliage Furnace
This level is visually stunning, fun to play, and lasts just long enough. 10/10 level, would fit right in with the vanilla roster as a bonus level.

Knothole Coast
Pretty short, but really, REALLY fun while it lasts. The easter egg area is also really cool.

Gate Garden
the new badniks there are really cool, and it has a very upbeat & happy vibe. Only real issue is that the bustable rock that you need to break to progress as sonic isn't very well telegraphed that you can break it

Pagoda Park
Reminds me a lot of Aquarium Park, and has your typical really cool style. Pretty cool level.

Shadow of Aztlan
Not sure what that ending was about, but the wild west aethetic was absolutely nailed here. level is a little long but other then that, quite fun.

Emerald Aether
Also pretty short, but the use of slopes & momentum makes it really fun to mess around in.

Overgrown Heights 2
Absolutely gorgeous in terms of aesthetics and atmosphere, it feels like i'm exploring a jungle that man (er-hedgehog) has not set foot in for thousands of years. Level is also pretty fun to play.

Galactic Facility
Fun usage of low gravity, insides of level don't really feel like it's in space though.

Azlant Ruin
Another momentum level that suffers from being way too short. What's there is real fun, but it ends before it really starts... Though, i've heard that I managed to skip a much slower underwater segment, so if I would've played through the supposed entire level, i'm not sure I would've liked it as much.

Square City
When paired with a mod that allows for stupid speed like XMomentum, Modern Sonic, or SMS, this level feels like a big 'ol racetrack. Not sure how well it'd work in vanilla, but with xmom, it's one hell of a ride.

Dark Marsh
Cool aesthetics & absolutely banging music, but wayyy too much enemy spam

Alabaster Fountain
No strong feelings here. don't particularly love or hate it.

Hakuryu Dojo
Lasts way too long, and the teleporter maze thing is kinda confusing to get past at first. Definitely an improvement over your mp pack, but still.

Fatal Factory
Level is pretty cramped all the way through, and it's easy to get yourself crushed or run into hazards and get yourself killed due to that. Adventure music is cool tho.

Aquatic Port
Certainly a hell of a lot better then hypertower, but I still didn't find it too much fun. It's way too easy to get lost or turned around in, and it can be hard to figure out what you need to do to progress at points.

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