Favorite stage in Sonic History?


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I personally like Metal Harbor From Sonic Adventure 2.

Do you have a favorite stage?
Any game counts!

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In no particular order, I'd say my favorite levels are Sonic Mania's Studiopolis Zone, the Sonic & Knuckles version of Death Egg, and Aquarium Park from Sonic Colours.

I'm not sure if I would hold Aquarium Park so highly if I were to replay Sonic Colors, but I love the theme of the stage. Gorgeous stuff.


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This is too hard to choose only one...

But I'd say that Ice Cap from Sonic 3 is in my top 10


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Stardust Speedway and Panic Palmtree from CD
Mystic Cave from Sonic 2
Press Garden from Mania
Lava Reef from S3&K


Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed.

What? Don't look at me funny.

The problem with many Sonic games is that they fail to actually provide a skill curve for an individual level, Eggmanland can take up to an hour on a first playthrough, or 15 minutes on the 25th.

I do think that the best 2D Sonic level is Lava Reef from Sonic 3&K, for story reasons and the many hidden giant rings, the music, the bosses, the visuals and the great obstacles.


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Hang Castle from Sonic Heroes
This level had a nice halloween ambiance but the loading when switching gravity (while Crazy Gadget from SA2, the previous game made on a less powerful console had no loading transitions) was quite jarring...


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My favorite zone is...

Labyrinth Zone, Metropolis Zone, Wacky Workbench Zone and Sandopolis Zone. These Zones are so awful that I like them ironically. (Ok my actual favorite is City Escape.)


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Although I have a couple, I personally love Metallic Madness from Sonic Mania. I know it appears in CD as well, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Mania’s. The stage really shows the sadistic nature of the Doctor, the entire level is robotized, common objects like fans and light bulbs made into killing machines to stop Sonic once and for all. All of this while trying not to get yourself killed, you can hear a metallic tune with Robotnik’s rap of taking over the world and defeating the meddling hedgehog once and for all. Even the boss for CD makes him seem like the last ditch effort to finally destroy Sonic and even though it is probably one of the easiest bosses in the game, it shows how Robotnik spent most of his time in Wacky Workbench and Metallic Madness Zones making it the deadliest it could be to hopefully end Sonic‘s heroic existence.


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As far as the official titles go, Press Garden without a doubt!
However, if fan games are added to the equation. Castle Eggman is legit like my favourite Sonic level ever. Considering anything with a badass Medieval aesthetic will always be right up my ally!

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Hmm... my favorite stages... i have so many of them...

Sonic 1: Star Light Zone (GOD, i really fricking love the song of the level, not the best level design, but is still pretty fun).

Sonic 2: Emerald Hill Zone (I really like his song, and it's pretty good for a "introduction level").

Sonic 3: IceCap Zone (Love the music, Love the level, LOVE EVERYTHIGNFEKLVJDLÑJ).

Sonic & Knuckles: Lava Reef Zone (I really love the music, and the change between Act 1 and Act 2, it's just epic).

Sonic CD: Palmtree Panic (this one was hard to decide, i mean... i kinda hate Sonic CD levels, this one is an exception, i really like the music, and the level design is a meh, not the best, but not the worst).

Sonic Mania: Studiopolis Zone (V)

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