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Exetior's chase - be chased by an executable file

VERY DUMB WARNING: this has pixelated blood and you will be chased, it's like gmod's nextbots but worse, so if you're a [[LITTLE SPONGE]] don't play this (there are no jumpscares tho, except if you call a black screen a jumpscare)
(yes this is reusable but please put in credits when you use this

i invented the mod but that doesn't mean im the only one who made it
the sprites are from: https://mb.srb2.org/threads/sonic-exe-v4-1-5a-compatibility.29021/...

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Who ya lookin' at?He's just a guy that loves SRB2
Would probably fit with my goal replacing spikes mod


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Uhh. can you fix the problem that my gameplay gets totally black?
Because i cant play the game with mod
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I start the game and later the game gets totally black

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