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Emerl For 2.2!

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Spriter who is still practicing
Rule 14: Do not post about project plans without proof that you have started
I just wanted to post the concept even though I have no sprites made rn.

So, Emerl in SRB2 can mix all of the abilities of the vanilla chars (and modded ones) and mix and match them. For example, Emerl could have Fang's pop gun, Tails Flight, and Metal Sonic's Dashmode with Modern Sonic's Boost.

The way you swap the abilities is by typing gizoidmenu in the console which pulls up a menu adjacent to the Sonic Battle Menu.

That's pretty much it except for one thing, I NEED A CODER!
Please review our rules.
While we appreciate your enthusiasm to make your very own mod, as per rule 14 you can't make threads for projects that haven't been started yet. This, naturally, includes plans and concepts.

Feel free to message a staff member to unlock your thread once you have something to showcase.

(By the way, I would recommend you give the scripting aspect a shot first before asking for help.)
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