Elaborate upon your representational imagery.

Chaos Knux

Daww, a mother and her foal
but it seemed to 'arouse' my interests; Brownie points to you if you guess what I'm referencing with this. I felt like adding the appropriate saying of "That's.. Awesome" in my usertitle since it seems to fit with the image.
Whenever anime/manga characters bear witness to something beyond a certain level of perversion, and are aroused by such, said character gets an explosive nosebleed. Now what the hell is a brownie point?


There and back again~
I used to be mighty, but now eye'm the strongest!

(not sure when I'll get around to changing my avatar back... Mighty's more me, but I like this one)




Anyways, same avatar.

Woah! Can I keep him?


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Because DrillaKilla was to act simaler to Sharp?
It was because I saw Wombatwarlord777's avatar.


Either way, Sharp Luvs Drillakilla!
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Patchouli when fueled by LAVENDER POWER and TRIPLE TROUBLE

Based off this rare incident in a test netgame for 2.05:


Sure, Mystic was testing the level enhancement to see if Tails would play better, but I (And Armonte, but moreso) HAVE ACHIEVED THE IMPOSSIBLE, and Lavender is an awesome color. In Triple Trouble style because TT is an underlooked style. Though, it uses WAY more than the required colors, and the shading isn't EXACTLY the same for the style, AND there are still things I gotta fix when I get the chance. :P


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A 3D model of my character, made from a SADX Tails model I fixed up and heavily modified.

Needs to be updated since I have improved the model since then. However, what I really want to do is make an entirely new model that looks a lot less Sonic-y, possibly based off the art style of a friend who seems to have disappeared.


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Titanosaurus, that Godzilla monster that only ever showed up in one movie, and has that strange roar that sounds like a sick elephant.

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