Egg Satellite Zone... Bruh


Hello There! I'm kinda new to the forum. So... Egg satellite zone, i always manage to run out of time (i have completed it 4 times but still). Any tips on how to speed it up? Not going for A rank... just always get destroyed by the yellow-red lasers and those red diamonds near the end.
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Are you making use of the Spin key to slow down? I see a lot of people never think to try it, and that tends to make the later special stages extremely hard.


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At the point where the lazers blocks are going up ad down and you go around, right before that is a loop of orange hoops. paraloop that and grab the power up that appears after the crusher goes back up. then use your new power up to do a bif paraloop right before the lazer blocks to grab most to all of the chips, stars, and/or rings from those blocks so you only have to focus on safe navigation.

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