Draft Tracks V3 : Kodachromatic Chills

Draft Tracks V3 : Kodachromatic Chills 3b


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Draft Tracks V1 - Featuring maps you probably don't know (maybe)

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Draft Tracks is a yet to be expanded map pack project i've been planning out for a while. Currently planned to have at least 4 to 5 maps, this release contains the first of the few which i've worked on for months.

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MAPLQ - House Of The Undying

Formerly, an abandoned fortress to trap unfortunate adventurers forever. However the spirits found it boring after...​

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Udgey updated Draft Tracks V2 : A Funky Update with a new update entry:

V2 : A Funky Update

- Added JugadorXEI's Zipper storage script
it litterally just plays better with than without

- Moved back the third item set a bit
You couldn't get an item before the second cut without mashing, this should allow you to roll an item (without mashing) just before the you enter the cut. I hope you know your item odds.

- Removed the spring sectors at the second cut area in...

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Udgey updated Draft Tracks V2 : A Funky Update with a new update entry:

V3 : Kodachromatic Chills

- Gap between the road and the second cut is now bridged
Okay so the jump was cool and all, but i often saw people misread it as needing to use the shoe to make the gap instead of using it while in offroad, so now theres a bridge.

- Slight visual tweak at the end of the split path section
The visual language made players assume that the transition between the split path section and the...

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Kart Lua Guru
Snowy Speedpeaks has a conveyance problem. The direction this path leads after a lap will send you directly into the shortcut, or worse, into offroad and yellow springs, and will waste a lot of time.


It really feels like this wooden bridge should lead directly into the snow path, or the stacking panels should be removed to give players a moment to see and change their direction. In netgames there's been times where I kept drifting into the right and then dunked myself into the shortcut or the springs, which wastes a lot of time because players can get a lot of escape velocity in this map.

Otherwise though, all of these maps are good, so keep up the good work.

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