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Hey, I was wondering if the Sally WAD was purposefully omitted? When I downloaded the pack, I didn't get Sally.


Looking back, I probably should have either put the files separately myself or put each file name on the title (which would look overcrowded) or maybe even put the separate file names in the first page.

I am glad it is here now. I don't think there would be too much trouble finding the stuff anyway. *shrug*


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Sorry for bumping an old topic, but here's another Amy fix. Hunter_Orion's appears to be offline.

Also, still no answer about Sally?


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It's probably offline because I didn't make it a point to update the link properly, despite the fact that I should have so that people could continue to use it. In my defense, nobody's touched this topic in almost a year. Shouldn't be much of a difference in the WAD, though (unless you did something differently than I did).

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No idea if you can use it or not, I think the original author himself seems to have disappeared a while back.


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Dr. Pepper (and on that note, also Chrispy) has stated they don't care what you use their wads for, so feel free.


Yeah, I really should have included a Readme with my stuff. It's amazing how often common questions get asked, but that's what readme's are for, so no one has to ask around.

Anyway, for the love of dirt, I can't believe all of my old skins are still on here. I only wanted Blaze, Amy, and Mighty released here. All the others are honestly trash at best, either because of my (very) limited skill back then, or SRB2's limitations getting in the way of my ideas. Amy and Mighty are the only characters that aren't major offenders in pillow shading, as well as poor color choices. You can only blame the game's limited palette so much.

Would anyone complain if I did proper, individual releases of those three characters, while these broken releases hit the bin? (I got fixed and broken files mixed up while uploading the originals.) Quality over quantity, I think, and someone else is making an infinitely better Shadow, I do believe, so there is nothing to miss from the awful characters I created; they have aged about as well as sour milk.

In the meantime, I did at least find my palette swapped Blaze again. It's still not as good as Hinote's Blaze, (Which I wish I had the time to help her finish.) but a purple Blaze is better than a blue one. You can get it over at my new Mediafire. RA is vanilla palette purple, RE is swapped purples.

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