Doom Connector Supports SRB2!

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The Doom Connector development team has added support for SRB2! Doom Connector is a chat community/master server linking client that bridges the gap between chat and gameplay. We went through much of the SRB2 wiki and I had many conversations with the staff and players in the #srb2fun irc channel to gather as much information as possible about the SRB2 game during development. Attached are a few screenshots that highlight Doom Connector and its SRB2-specific features:

I was unable to use spoiler tags, so I have posted the pictures below. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Here is a screenshot of the client in the Lobby. Virtual Rooms (Servers pulled from a masterserver) and Normal Rooms (Servers created on the DC masterserver) are visible in the top pane:


The path to your games must be selected in the Games menu. The following dialog will open, allowing you to set a limited number of launch parameters:


Once you have set the game path in the Games menu and created a room, you can click the Game Setup button in the room to set the multiplayer settings of the game. SRB2 has every server-side console variable and cheat implemented. You can select a map from the prebuilt listing. Custom map names can be typed manually below for Addons and automatically override the listing:


Addons can be implemented by selecting the Addons tab. To set up your addons directory, you can either use the Games menu at the top, or use the shortcut (1). Once your addon directories are set, you can select the file type (2) and choose a file from a list of files consolidated from all directories, sorted alphabetically (3).


Once you've set your game settings, you can click launch to start your server. Other players can join by clicking Launch Game.

The setup file for Doom Connector is attached to this post. I hope to see you there!


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Prime 2.0

Welcome to Releases!

Just a bit of a disclaimer for the moment: This is a relatively new service that only just added support for SRB2. Your friends may not have made their accounts there yet, so be sure to make sure who you're talking with is who they say they are if they're somebody you know the first time.

That said, impersonation of staff will not be tolerated, and appropriate action will be taken in response if such takes place. If you find that someone is impersonating you on the service, please Private Message your concerns to Vin6.

Finally, while the SRB2MB staff are in active contact with DooM Connector's administration, DooM Connector is not owned, run, or moderated by Sonic Team Junior or the SRB2MB staff. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with any rules they have when using the service, and finally, have fun!
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Thank you for your approval. I assure you that the Doom Connector staff will make every effort to comply with your community guidelines. We also agree that any impersonation or bullying will be dealt with as per or terms of use. Keep in mind that the DC staff's primary goal is to assist you and others in having fun online. Our home is your home!
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