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Devin (SanikChars) WIP Thread (On a L O N G hold)


Sonic 2 Game Gear had a weird fucking ending.
So this is my first mod, and I can't barely do anything but make sprites, since mobile noises but if you wanna help, and give feedback, DM me on Discord I guess.. Not begging, I just know I can't do this alone. :threat:
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Oh yeah and here's this
Took a day to make this


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You know you can also do lua on a phone right? Anyway, looks neat. There are also ways to run slade on a phone with android via exagear.
You know you can also do lua on a phone right? Anyway, looks neat. There are also ways to run slade on a phone with android via exagear.
Oh hey first reply :D
But either way, my phone storage denies me from having Exagear, so uh, yeah I'm gonna need help on dis
Oh yeah and like I said, if you have feedback or want to help, my Discord is @🎮Speedboi🎮#3251
Oh yeah and I might as well describe the moveset.

Ability 1: Float
(Literally just Metal's float)

Ability 2: Skyward Boost
When floating, press custom 1 to get a relative height boost. You can still float after this.

Ability 3: Trident Zoom
Press Custom 1 to use a Jana-Like dash that can actually bust open badniks.

That's it :)
So its been about 2 weeks. I'm still working on the front facing stnda sprite, and other than that, nothing else has been happening except me having to put up with drama in threads I follow. It's not canceled tho, don't worry you 2.
Alright it's been a hot minute. This might be a stretch but it's not canceled, it's just on a slight pause until I can find out what to do in terms of sprites. It's basically a Tyson Hesse Sonic situation where I can't decide whether to go with handdrawn or actual sprites.
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So yeah, thats going on

and I still need help with code ._."
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However, on the good side of things, I made new CSS art!


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I'd go with sprites since this game is super pixel-y anyway.
If you do hand-drawn and convert it to the small size it's got to be to be used ingame, I'd recommend editing it a bit afterwards. Sometimes scaling something down makes it look a bit smudgy and a little after edit helps on that.
Good luck and have fun with your project!
Alright, here's the first attempt at hand drawing it. And thanks for the advice


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So this probably isn't going to be active for a long while, since I'm working on another mod of mine at the current moment. It isn't canceled, but it won't be back for a while. Sorry for the news.

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