[Reusable] Darkvile Gardens Zone for SRB2Kart (k_darkvilegarden.wad)

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i would rather not
Here's that one level that was in the KCCC, but updated a bit for a release. Its map slot is 45, after Volcanic Valley.

  • Added more Thwomps
  • Ramp is no longer a Riders jump pad
  • Experimenting with a different floor texture
  • Sunshine Castle is no longer real 2012 because it was a dumb easter egg that nobody even found.
I'll do a visual overhaul later if I feel like it and if I'm not too busy between work/school.

A video of the level can be found here.


  • k_darkvilegarden.zip
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I quite enjoyed this map. Even if almost everything in it is a dull shade of grey. I would quite welcome the visual overhaul, just to add a little more colour to the level and add some variation into the outer walls instead of just using the same CEZ texture throughout the entire track.
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