Dark City Zone

Dark City Zone 1.0


I like the way the city looks, if I could actulay see. I know the name is dark city but too dark means it's unplayable.
besides lighting, you need to work on enemy placement too.

you even have a few homs in act 1
Being a betatester of the mod,im happy this mod is released.I looked foward to the project since the first POF(in short Proof Of Concept) video Spincoder made,and i joined on his team later as the betatester,so thank you everyone supporting the development of the mod.

However,me and Spincoder still look foward of making it better with least bug fuxes as possible.So,hear me out now:

In these 10 days,report all the issues and bugs you have with the mod,and i will soon make a list for them and they will be fixed in a new update patch.

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