Crystal Island Zone, Act 1

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Have a slightly early Christmas present you guys, and the opening stage of a level pack I've been meaning to make for a long time now: The Egg Project.

This level is fairly short and simple befitting a first level, but with any luck you'll have fun. Enjoy~

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The path layout is very well designed but, as i said in the editing thread the zone is too "square shaped". It also need some decorations like Sun Flower or Budding Flower.
This place is overloaded with crawlas, i think two are enough.

This place is overloaded with crawlas, i think two are enough.


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The level was good for a first zone!
But the level is a bit empty, you should add decorations.

I also liked the music, it perfectly fits with the level theme.


This was a nice little demonstration at the very least, but obviously it's just a first act so there's not much to go on. I really am not a huge fan of the jungle texture with bushes compared to the jungle texture without, as the former looks really bad when tiled on large walls like you're doing.

I do really like the basic layout, and the routes over other routes are quite a good thing as well. The choice of music also fits quite well, and made me nostalgic for that old NES game.

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Level feels great, awesome secrets, upper/lower path structure was used well(and is rather rare). I got a pretty great kick out of the yellow spring on the back of the platform in the screenshot, and finding that hidden invincibility on the second playthrough(and what lay just beyond) was an awesome ah-ha moment.

This is a really solidly put together level, and very little space is wasted... there's something interesting everywhere! Don't stop if you can help it, we could use more levels like this.
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