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Shadow Hog

I wasn't satisfied with the version I submitted to the contest, so I've done quite a few revisions. Notable ones include:

  • Beta 3
    • World is now brighter. I thought the flagroom was pathetically dark; that's no longer the case.
    • Small wall is now behind ramp up to flag. Probably will offset complaints that people keep flying off the stairs, but might pose visibility problem when it comes to defending the flag. We'll see.
    • Rings added directly behind the flag.
    • Road made longer, in attempt to fix broken wall immediately behind flags.
    • Slightly offset parts of the red side of the stage off by one unit so they map to the 64-unit grid. This was the intent all along, and you're really not going to notice it (it's 1 unit for crying out loud), but hey, a change is a change.
  • Beta 2
    • Entrance room and flag room in both bases are now much wider. Decorations remain the same size, however, so it's just the room on the floor that was widened. Hopefully this will offset complaints of crampedness. Corridors remain the same size, though, since they're pretty small and few anyway; plus, there has to be a chokepoint SOMEWHERE. Comparison of the first two betas, as seen in SRB2DB.
    • Flag moved from the top of the pedestal; now the pedestal leads back to another small room which has the flag on it. This makes it easier to defend the flag, since now all your opponents will be coming from one direction, and you'll have a wall to put your back against.
    • "Sniper" deck made much larger, and more windows added.
    • CTF Team Ring Boxes added. Simply forgot to add these in the first time, my bad.
    • Number of WRMs and SRMs significantly decreased. There are now only 3 SRMs in the entire map, and 2-3 WRMs per base (I forget the exact number), about 1 per relevant room. The flag room has no WRMs or SRMs at all.
    • Outdoors area (with the big boxes on the road) made a bit larger - the road's as wide as it was before, but it's a smidgen longer in both directions.
      • Boxes in the center shrank a bit - they were probably a bit too large beforehand, anyway. This makes it easier to squeeze into the center with the Force Shield.
      • On that note, the "Sniper" decks have been lowered accordingly, so you can jump from the boxes into them.
    • The one-way path with the fence is now two-way - however, while one way is a set of springs, as before, the other way is a large pile of boxes you have to jump up. Ergo, you can take it, but it's a bit slower than the main path.
    • The middle texture cover for the vent path has been removed. Yeah, there was a hidden vent path in the original map, but it was so well hidden, nobody found it. Go figure. It goes from the top of the pile of computers/boxes in the entrance room of the base to the top of the pedestal in the flag room - however, where it used to guarantee a flag grab, this just puts you a few feet away from the room where the flag is now located, so defense can still deal with you.
  • Beta 1
    • Initial release for the November/December contest. Made within 24 hours of the deadline, so didn't have the benefit of a proper playtest.
Grab it here!


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Well, thats really good. I'm not gonna rate it because its really good.

I will play on this level a lot. And by the way, please do more levels like that


Definite TF2 inspiration here, and It's 10x better than what was in OLDC just for those few fixes you threw in the map.
Hopefully this will catch on and I'll be able to play this in netgames a lot.
But, I do think you need to fix the stairs going up to the flag.


Definite TF2 inspiration here, and It's 10x better than what was in OLDC just for those few fixes you threw in the map.
Hopefully this will catch on and I'll be able to play this in netgames a lot.
But, I do think you need to fix the stairs going up to the flag.

The stairs don't seem to be a problem to me. Anyway, this map is pure awesome, ShadowHog. I'm really loving it. Mach has said mostly of what I was going to say.

Shadow Hog

Well, I've already put a wall behind the stairs, so you can climb up it without TOO much hassle. It's only 16 units thick, which hopefully won't be a problem. Admittedly this makes it harder to see the entrances to the room, if you're hiding by the flag - we'll have to see if that's an issue or not.

Also made the road a little longer (apparently there's a bug wherein the farthest wall from the origin can be clipped through slightly, which was showing up in the wall behind the flags; extending the road to be further away from the origin than the flag sectors should fix this), and made the level overall brighter (that flag room was far too dark for its own good, honestly). You'll probably have b3 within a few hours; just tidying up the decorations on the road.

EDIT: Beta 3 is now released (actually has been for a couple of hours).

That being said, despite me editing the add-on information and uploading a ton of new attachments, the Updated tab of our add-ons system still claims I've never updated the WAD. Weird. I'm admittedly completely new to this system, so I'm not sure how to tell it that I've updated. :\

Oh, and it'd be nice if editing posts bumped topics up. As it stands, I can update this thing all I want, it's not going to get marked as having new content. That seems somewhat flawed to me...
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